Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yet Another Sign That The Economy is in the Toilet

I know that the country is in the midst of a recession/depression depending on which horse thief's doom and gloom report you happen to be listening to at any given moment, but there has to be a limit to the lengths to which companies will go to stimulate consumer spending.

Apparently not.

Not more than 30 minutes ago, on Saturday evening, August 22, the queen and I were vegetating in front of the TV when it happened. I'm glazing over while some commercial or other drones on about blah, blah, blah; and, out of the corner of my consciousness, I hear the words "we're bringing back the Christmas bonus sale".


It's August! We haven't even gotten through the back to school sale ads yet much less the brief interlude of Halloween and Thanksgiving ads. Football season hasn't even properly begun yet. The Rangers have another month at least before the crater completely, and we are already hearing the C word in retail advertising.

I knew the economy was in a shambles when our elected horse thieves began bailing out one eyed, left handed, midget manicurists, but I had no idea things were this desperate. I suppose it could be worse, though. Like TV ads with Santa Claus lighting off fireworks for the Fourth of July followed in a year or two by a no holds barred, cage fight match up between St. Nick and St. Patrick in mid March.

You can spend your hard earned scratch how you like. You can be like some people I know who got suckered into trading a perfectly good, paid for car to get a brand spanking new car payment they couldn't afford thanks to the government's Cash for Fools Going Conspicuously Into Debt So We Can Bail Out The Auto Industry program. As for me, I'm betting my money on the drunken Irish guy in green.

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