Friday, October 22, 2010

Campaign Yard Sign

Yesterday, I had to make a trip to the far flung reaches of the Great State of Texas for business. On my way to the airport, I spotted several yard signs in support of the upcoming mid term elections. One in particular stood out. It read: "Defend Change Vote Democratic."

The Snark being strong in me at 7:45 AM after being fortified with donuts and orange juice; the absurdity of that sign could not be left unchallenged.

Consider, for a moment, the first glaring inconsistency memorialized in a mere four words. "Defend Change." Change implies that something different than the status quo needs to occur. Currently, DEMOCRATS are the status quo. So, if we are to "defend change" by upsetting the status quo apple cart, we need to vote AGAINST the Democrats (notice I didn't say vote FOR the Republicans).

I am sure that was not what the Democrats had in mind. So, let's exam their next implied faux pas.

Change is supposed to be for the better, right? No one wakes up in the morning, looks around and says, "Things are going pretty well around here. I think we need to screw things up so everything gets worse." Okay, maybe there are a few that say that, but the majority of the population wake up and want to make the world a BETTER place. So, if change is supposed to be good and make things better, why does it need to be defended?

Blink, blink.

Oh, that's right, because a majority of the population thinks that the "Change" we've been given by our illustrious horse thieves in Washington is, in fact, screwing things up royally and making the country generally worse off than we were before the Democrats took control. So, in actuality, the sign is telling us to defend their stupidity and allow them to make more stupid mistakes.

Change needs no defense. The only thing I see that needs to be defended around here is The Constitution. Are you listening horse thieves? Remember "...preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


  1. "The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments."
    George Washington

  2. I often wonder just what people who put those signs in their yards look like. I wonder if they are truly idiots, if also look look idiots so as normal common sense people can avoid them at all costs.

    If you get a chance, go over and read what the old cajun has to say about Nov 2.


  3. Blue Steel, welcome to the party. I checked out Mostly Cajun's post as you suggested. I need to go back and reread though as I have project induced amnesia at the moment.


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