Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Pointy Head Gives Me a Sharp Wit

As you all know, yesterday was Independence Day. The Queen and I spent the day with my mom, my sister...the devil, and her husband and kids. As with last year, we went to my sister...the devil's church which hosted a Patriotic Pops Concert. The concert was indoors which was especially nice in that it kept us out of the 102 degree heat while we waited for the sun to go down so the fireworks could start.

The program for the concert was much the same as it was last year with a couple of minor changes. There were two parts of the program which I thought were particularly nice. The first is when they played the songs for each of the five military services and had the people in the audience that had served in those services stand up for applause from the rest of us. Later in the program, they played a couple of John Phillip Sousa march's while flashing military photos of congregation members, past and present, on the big screens.

After the concert, we retreated to thee cars that were strategically positioned in the parking lot for a good view of the fireworks and an easy exit after the festivities. We set about unloading the copious amounts of barbecue we had procured for the event. During the setting up of the barbecue, there was a fun little exchange with me, mom, my sister...the devil and her oldest child (who shall be henceforth known as "Twig" as she is a skinny little, semi vegetarian whose only source of meat protein is chicken as she claims not to like the texture of beef...whatever).

Anywho, as we all stood out in the church parking lot, my sister...the devil mumbled something at Twig that involved a minor curse word. The exact wording of the comment escapes me at this early hour, and it is not really necessary to the rest of the story.

Mom scolded my sister...the devil by saying: "What your language. This is a church afterall."

I, in a fit of snark, said: "It's okay mom. It's a proven fact that God doesn't listen to her anyway."

Twig turned to me and said: "I love you Uncle K."


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