Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Am I Giving Away Cash or Something?

A quick check of the blog this morning reveals another new follower. Officially, number 45 in the follower list goes to txmuziklover. Based on his profile, it does not appear that he has a blog of his own. Txmuziklover, if that is incorrect or changes in the future, let me know and I will update the rest of the congregation. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to follow my humble home on the internet. Welcome, I hope you enjoy.

Correction from the comments:

Our new follower is The Impulsive Texan from the blog of the same name. Follow the link for more.


  1. Hey! 45 - that's one of my favorite calibers, I mean, numbers :)

  2. Hi there thanks for taking note of my joining your site. I do indeed have a blog, but it's more of a cornucopia of all things Texas that I like..hunting, eating, fishing, telling stories, you name it, if it interests me, I'm going to blog it. And that includes guns, rifles, bows and crossbows.

    As a matter of fact, I am the proud owner of a new Hi-Point .40 S&W that my bride bought me for Christmas. I haven't heard a whole lot about this gun so, I guess I'll find out soon!

    You can drop by my little map dot in the blogOsphere at www.theimpulsivetexan.blogspot.com.

    Drop in at The Impulsive Texan sometime and sign up to receive notices of new blog stories from my site!

    Vaya con dios, mi amigos y amigas!

    The Impulsive Texan
    Unites States Navy, Retired
    '75 -'98

  3. GunDiva, mine too. You know, 'cause shooting something twice is just silly. It's expensive too now that I think about it.

    Impulsive Texan, first off, thank you for your service. I've checked out your blog and clicked follow as well.


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