Friday, April 27, 2012

Pulse Check

Yes, I am still alive. No, I have not forgotten about you all.

I have been very busy at home and at work including a fair bit of travel, several minor to major personal dramas/traumas, and generally being in a funk.

kymber, I promise you will get your update as soon as I can deal with my feelings enough to put keyboard to pixel.

It's probably not the brightest welcome you will ever see here, but thank you to Red Woman and Mike for choosing to follow my humble blog. Hopefully, you will not regret that decision any time soon.

Please enjoy the hold music while I decide which direction I'm supposed to be headed. More to follow soon.


  1. buddy - update when you can. you know that we are all here - and will be here when you get the time to post. i hope everything is getting better with the dramas/traumas! we missed you buddy!

    your friend,


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