Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cuteness Overload and Other Random Photos

You've probably heard of the crown of thorns from the Bible, but I bet you've never seen a Throne of Crown. Spotted at a consignment shop near my inlaws house. Part of me really wants this for my whiskey drinking.

Escape from Texas
This is a photo of M&M leaving the state of her birth for the first time. That is the Red River below us as we blew into Oklahoma on very blustery day headed to Missouri to visit friends on trip that was postedponed when M&M was placed with us. It felt very liberating to be able to leave the state without having to consult anyone or get permission.

M&M and The Queen shivering at the welcome center on the other side of the Texas border for the obligatory "You aren't in Kansas anymore" photo. Somewhere, The Queen has photos of me and M&M in the same spot.

M&M has always had a love of music. She will dance like no one's business. This was the first time she really had any "hands on" experience with an instrument. She loved it. Somewhere I have video that I will try to upload if I ever figure out how.

Sound asleep at church snuggled up with a teddy bear. People are amazed that she will sleep through or sit quietly at services. I'm amazed that they haven't figured out how to train a kid.

The Queen sends me a text saying "let's play golf tonight". Okay. Twist my arm. There is irony here. Trust me.

M&M working on her short game.

Who cares what the score was on that hole, I've got my girl.

It's never too early to start teaching may be too early for them to hold on properly....

Rest assured, The Queen and I were never far enough away that the arrow would go astray.

Say ah!

'Sup? Just hangin'

The Queen had a little lamb....


  1. I'm glad I haven't sent her headband yet. Looks like I might need to make it a little longer. She's gotten sooo big and even more gorgeous. Good thing you have lots of guns because one day, she will be a teenager and boys will be beating down your door.

    1. Candance, yep. She's a big girl and a cutie for sure. She's getting to the point where my left arm (where I normally carry her) is becoming more noticably defined than my left arm. I need to start carrying her on both or start lifting with my right to compensate. I'm not worried about teenage boys at the door. She will be taught by me and momma to be wise about boys, and she and I will meet them at the door together...fully armed.

  2. Replies
    1. K, I agree. She's so cute it brings tears to my eyes at times.

  3. Jennifer. Thanks. We tend to think so.

  4. She is so darling. You're really hating this Daddy business, aren't you? :)

    1. GunDiva,'s a tough job, but someone has to do it. I guess it's just my cross in life to bear.


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