Monday, May 20, 2013

Some More Advice for M&M

1. Never trust a politician who actively runs for office.

2. If you choose to participate in the political process (through voting, holding office or jury duty), think very carefully before advocating for the spending of other people's money. It has to come from taxes somewhere.

3. Please allow me to dispel you of the illusion that any political party has your best interests at heart. They are only interested in one thing: power.

4. No one gets elected anymore without help. Look past the politician and find out who is pulling the strings or has their hand out.

5. "Trust, but verify." - Ronald Reagan (I think). This applies to Russians, politicians, statisticians, preachers, professors, reporters and pretty much everyone. In other words, don't take someone else's word for something without a little fact checking.

6. TANSTAAFL - "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." - Usually attributed to Robert Heinlein but actually predates his work. Nothing is free. Someone, somewhere, somewhen paid a price in money, energy, effort, time or some other commodity to produce or use an item.


  1. I understand this is intended for M&M, but do you think you could sent this to The White House ? I don't think they have seen it before.

    1. Jane, I'd send it but then I'd be labeled a right wind extremist. Also, this falls under the "teaching pigs to sing" adage.


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