Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Been a Strange Week... that I am glad is over. 

I already posted over at The Toy Box about my tire buying experience. That story did not include my adventures in auto repair relating to the broken wheel lug studs. To accomplish that repair, you have to take the wheel, brake caliper, caliper mounting bracket and rotor off so that you can wrench the new lug studs in from back side of the hub. 

Reassembly went smoothly, and the test drive should have been uneventful...unless someone forgets to completely retract the caliper piston thus turning the test drive into an adventure in smoking brake pads and glowing rotors. Fortunately, I did not slag the pads or the rotor and corrected my mistake with only minor embarrassment (I had done this once before several years ago and knew to be suspicious of my work in this area). 

That was Monday and Tuesday evening's fun (I didn't have time to correct my mistake Monday, it carried over to Tuesday).

Monday while at work, The Queen and M&M came to have lunch with me. Yay!! As they were driving in, The Queen calls with news from M&M's blood cousin (male bio donor's cousin...the one we are on good terms with). Apparently, the bio donors had posted on their Facebook pages that M&M was in the hospital in critical condition with a heart murmur. They were urgently seeking prayers and wishing to be together soon. 


Now, this comes as a puzzler to me as a) the bio donors have not so much as said boo about M&M since they left the great state of Texas almost a year ago, b) we have no contact with them [though we do lurk their Facebook pages for intel and amusement], c) the blood cousin would not say any such thing to them, and d) after 20 months they finally decide to give a flip about M&M's welfare?? The's not adding up. 

Blood cousin (I really need to think up a better handle for her), indicated she thought it was a set up for a scam for them to beg money from unsuspecting friends and family. My thought was that someone asked where "that cute little baby" was and they had to think of a way to explain why they didn't have her (which would necessarily have lead to a follow up post where they were the grieving parents who tragically lost their child). 

Either way, we notified our agency case worker (who has become a friend of the family) of the situation and reassured the blood cousin that M&M was alive and well. 

These photos were taken when she was supposedly in the hospital. Yep...critical condition alright. Terminal cuteness. 

Mysteriously, the bio donors' Facebook pages sprouted posts a few hours later retracting their previous pleas and blaming female bio donor's mom for spreading lies in order to hurt them. That in its self is utter horse turd soup based on the conversations that blood cousin had with male bio donor (which she kindly passed along to us).

There are days I can't believe M&M came from them. Most days, I just try to forget they exist. 

Last but not was my first day to wear contact lens. To sum up my impressions in one word...."ookie". That's going to take some getting used to.  


  1. oh buddy. there is soooo much to say. but i think that keeping it short will work well in this situation - i don't want your blood pressure any higher than it is.

    i am sooooo glad that you have her. i am even more glad that she has you and the Queen.

    your friend,

  2. What a week ! I hope it gets calmer allowing you and the Queen to enjoy all the wonderful things about your lives again soon. I always enjoy your pictures especially !

    1. Jane, thanks. If all goes according to plan, we will be leaving for Florida soon and can put it all behind us.

  3. I can't tell you how glad I am that M&M gets to have you for parents. I would bet that their reasoning for that post was a combination of both trains of thought. 1)sympathy and an explanation for not having said baby and, 2) they wouldn't cry if someone offered them financial support for the hospital bills.

    So, so, so glad she has you and the Queen as parents.

    1. GunDiva, the really disgusting part is that these FB posts are wedged in between FBD's hobby of posting some of the most vile content I've ever seen.

  4. I'm glad the little one is fine and with you. It does my heart good.

    As for the contacts, at least they are likely soft ones. The old hard contacts I started out with was like putting a Pringle in each eye.

    Now that I wear the disposable ones (good for about two weeks) I'd not go back.

    1. Brigid, I'm glad i am doing someone's heart some good. And yes, they are the soft ones. Supposedly good for 30 days or so.

  5. I made her a purse. Fine, I made her two purses because you are never too young to learn the importance of accessorizing. I had to give up on the hippo. It was killing me. Anyway, I'll mail them this week. You know, if she's out of the hospital ;0).

    1. Candance, awesome. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure M&M will love them.


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