Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm sitting in the last presentation of our meetings right now. It's just before lunch, and the topic is "Wound Care". The presenter is a medical doctor that consults with our company. I think he is getting even with some folks who made comments last year about "just put a bandaid on it" because we just saw video of a procedure to drain an impressively infected abscess. 

The abscess drained for a least 30 seconds straight with a half inch wide stream of puss. This after several images of some really nasty wounds. 

And, with that mental image, dId I mention I no longer have a filter when it comes to gruesome?


  1. Least you didn't take a selfie with the image in the background.

    For that I thank you

    1. Bob, you're welcome. I can send you a link to the video if you REALLY want to see it...just before a heaping bowl of banana pudding and strawberry sauce.


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