Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Funnies

Well, here we are again. Another week without posting anything substantive in the content department. I'd comment on politics, but that's too depressing right now. Trump continues to thumb his nose at the Republican establishment...which I have to admit is pretty entertaining. Cruz and Rubio continue to jockey for position with neither one really outshining the other. Jeb must be looking for a dictionary so he can decipher the writing on the wall. Bernie continues to sit all alone out on the far left. The one thing that would make me stand up and cheer and restore some measure of faith in our system, the indictment of Hillary, isn't likely to happen anytime soon (if at all). 

So, we have to rely on the funnies to make us laugh so we won't cry. Enjoy. 

It seemed appropriate in the lead up to the primaries. 

Look closely...
And the water coolers, and the bath tubs, and the toilets...

Actually, this would be The Queen.

Remember, boogers are sugar free, gluten free and organic. They can be pesticide free as long as you don't take a hit off the Round Up bottle while digging in the garden. 

Say it with me now..."puh-kahn"

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