Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Funnies

Another week with a total lack of original content. Instead, it's the very best in more or less PG-13 humor scavenged from elsewhere on the internet.

(photo credit: Brigid at Home On The Range)


  1. That's Abby Normal the lab (and the futon and living room rug you see regularly on Home on the Range)in the dog funny. I created that out of pictures of Abby on my dog blog and put on a non public facebook page. It wasn't on HOTR so if you remember where you saw it on the interweb to let them know it was my work, as a little credit for the photos is always appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Brigid, WOW! Small world. I should have suspected that was yours. I did a Faceplant search on labrador retriever photos and located one version with a "via" watermark on it. I know I found it elsewhere as the copy above has no watermark. I tried going back through some of my usual sources, but I could not locate it. If I stumble across it again, I will email you the source and notify them accordingly.


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