Friday, February 3, 2017

I Seem To Have Hit A Nerve

Yesterday's open letter to the mainstream media has 942 page views recorded by Blogger so far. That's about 10 times my normal page view count for a single post and doesn't include people reading via a feed reader. Me thinks I tapped into a little pent up anger there. Thank you everyone who came by to take a look.


  1. I shared the post on both FB and Google+ so it is getting even more exposure than you realize.

    1. Tami, thank you. Blogger shows 4 +1s, and I know of at least one other blogger who linked it. Just surprised by the reception is all.

  2. Keep it up. Soon, you will be shows....syndication......hob nobbing with the rich and famous. Roseanne and Whoopie will be dropping by.....Donald calling for with your new running buddy, what was his name? Osama? Obama? Biden?

    1. JPD, if it pays well, I suppose I can tolerate it. I'll pass on golf with Obama. I hear cheats something fierce.

  3. You nailed it and they do not like their bias being exposed! Well said.

    1. RobC, thanks. There were a couple of other things I thought of after the fact that should have been included like selective editing, but it's good enough.

  4. Let this be your catalyst to Seventh-Heaven:

    'The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you'
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague
    (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

    Love him or leave him or indifferent...
    better lissen to the Don:

    If you deny o'er-the-Hillary's evil,
    which most whorizontal demokrakkrs do,
    you cannot deny Hellfire
    which YOU send YOURSELF to.

    Yes, earthling, I was an NDE:
    the sights were beyond extreme.
    Choose Jesus.
    You'll be most happy you did.
    God bless your indelible soul.

    1. kold_kadavr, thanks for stopping by. It's been a while. Rest assured, I chose Jesus a long time ago, and I am quite happy I did.


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