Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Funnies

 According to Blogger, this is my 666TH post. The number 666 supposedly is the number of the Beast according to the Book of Revelations. The way 2020 has gone so far, this could be opening an inter-dimensional portal to Hell; but, at this point, it really can't get any worse. 

As usual, I present to you the finest selection of humor stolen from the random places the internet takes me. 

I've handled a number of claims involving Dodge trucks over the years. I've never yet seen one that really held up that well in a crash. Take this one for example...I want to know who bolted that light pole down. They do good work. 

I am keenly interested to see whether COVID-19 survives November 4TH. 

Repeat after me: Klatuu, verata, nicotine.

Decisions, decisions.

Who drinks this stuff anyway? I mean really...what's the attraction?

And Zoom meetings for work.

It is gross and juvenile...I need this in my life if for no other reason than to mess with my father-in-law. 

Anyone have shrieking eels for September?

Just like the Dread Pirate Roberts, COVID is way over-hyped. 

We can learn to live quite comfortably there. 
For every problem, there is a solution...which comes at an extra cost.

A snow cutter would also be an acceptable alternative. 

Wait until the dogs find out about the deal the cats cut. 


  1. Good ones, the social distance may require More than 6 feet...

    MSG Grumpy

    1. MSG Grumpy,thanks. I still cannot believe that social distancing has become a thing. We used to just call it being anti-social.

    2. While cleaning out my barn years ago I got hit in the chest by two skunks that I startled. Let me tell you I wanted to social distance from myself! Even my Queensland Heeler wouldn't come close to me. I had to sleep in the barn for 3 weeks, thanks be it was spring in Southern Alabama so it wasn't too hot and muggy or the nights cold. I did have to burn the sleeping bag and the cot I used. I couldn't even sleep in my 5th wheel as it would have put a horrible stink in it.

    3. Cederq, I've not had the pleasure of a skunking though did have to gently escort a skunk out of my mother's office who had somehow gotten in the house and taken up residence in the cat's litter box. He was quite content. The cat was pissed though.

  2. But I like being anti-social, or as I like to call it, anti-idiot...

    1. Cederq, my wife says I am a "social hermit". I just like my animals better than I like people.


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