Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Just Say No To Crack


  1. Good advice, Butt, that looks more like a perfect circle than a crack....LOL

    Just saying....

    W.V. cizing: (not even kidding) I think you can interpret your own definition to this one...LOL

  2. Mr. Daddy, true, true; butt, saying "Just Say NO to Pink Eye." didn't quite have the same ring to it. I had also thought of using it for part of a disclaimer...something like "If you don't like the views or opinions expressed here, kiss my hairy butt."

  3. K,

    Try using it as a comment to the federal government.

    "Here's what I think of ...(insert latest dumb idea here)"

  4. Bob, excellent suggestion. Do you think it would make it past the gatekeepers at the White House?


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