Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miscellaneous Bullet Point Update

Today's my birthday, and I'm just not in the mood to do a long post. So, instead, I'm just going to do a quick bullet point update.

  • As of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 1:45 AM, I have officially applied to the law school at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas. 
  • I was the walking dead yesterday because I didn't finally get to sleep until 3:00 AM.
  • The Queen is "encouraging" me to also apply to SMU's Dedman School of Law.
  • Whether I apply and get accepted to SMU or not, I will likely choose to go to Texas Wesleyan for two reasons: 1) TW costs $50K less than SMU over the life of the program and is unlikely to provide with $50K worth of value above what TW will provide me over the life of my career, and 2) SMU made me mad when I visited their campus...bunch of snobs.
  • We heard back from the vet today about the Yakmaster's test results. No diabetes, no worms, no viruses, no obvious anything. He's slightly anemic and has a slightly elevated white blood cell count. The vet thinks he's got an intestinal flora imbalance. Bottomline, we have to find the food he WILL eat and get him fattened up while giving him some probiotics. 
  • The Yakmaster hates probiotics.
  • I hate spending $250 to find out the Yakmaster has an upset stomach. 
  • Gunshow Sunday with number one follower Ken in Ft. Worth. One and all are welcome to join us (I'm lookin' at you Bob S.).
  • I'm really, really, really wanting to come home with a new armory addition from the gunshow...
  • ...but my bonus doesn't hit the bank until Tuesday.
  • After Tuesday, it will be home improvement time to get Castle Erickson ready to sell 'cause I'm not taking care of a house and a wife while attending law school.
  • Fortunately, the main necessary tasks involve tiling floors. 
  • Unfortunately, The Queen wants to do more than just floors.
  • I'll make you a really good deal on a nice 2300 sq. ft. house with 1600 sq. ft. workshop on 1 acre in a Dallas suburb in a great location.
  • Today, for the first time ever after uncounted attempts, I finally won a round of advanced, four suit spider solitaire. Woohoo.
  • I really need to get back into a better shape. The shape I am in is no good. I'm the heaviest I've ever been. I just had to buy a pair of 38" waist jeans (up from the 29" waist I had in high school). I joke that I have 12 pack abs.
  • The sad thing is that it's no joke.
  • I hate exercise. 
  • I hate feeling overweight. 
  • I love food.
  • I am so screwed. 
Have fun. 


  1. Hang in there, buddy. This is what makes life interesting. When your sitting on the edge of the bed with your pants half on/half off and can't remember if your getting up or going to bed, you better slow down a bit and take a breath.

  2. Happy Birthday Shepard K!

    For the record, we love you just the way you are :)

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday! Good luck with the Yakmaster, selling your house, and getting into Law School. The getting older thing there's only one cure for, and nobody likes it! ;)

  4. First, Happy BIrthday! Here's to many more!

    Second, I wish you the best and hope you get into law school.

    Third, check out a website called They have a calorie counter that has helped me lose 10 pounds so far. Well, actually, I've lost 10 pounds minding my caloric intake. The counter itself has done nothing but look at me and jeer.

  5. Blue Steel, I'm not quite that bad yet, and I've had my fill of interesting. I'd settle for predictable for a change.

    GunDiva, thanks.

    Christina, you're right, I'll pass on the alternative to getting older. Thanks anyway.

    Lawyer, first, thanks. Second, I'm not terribly worried about getting in based on the quality of some of the attorneys I've dealt with. It's the staying in and doing well that I'm sweating. Third, I'll check that out. I don't think my caloric intake is the issue (though I could be wrong). I suspect it has more to do with when I eat how much I eat.

  6. For fun, you could try Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit. I think I've got a link in my sidebar. If nothing else, he makes weight loss funny :)

  7. GunDiva, I'm reading through some of his older posts now.

    Lawyer, I signed up with myfitnesspal. I just input my rather belated breakfast of yogurt and granola. For the first time ever, I measured out a cup of yogurt. It made me realize that I normally only scoop out a half cup of yogurt in the mornings. So, does that mean I'm not eating a big enough breakfast?

  8. Happy belated Birthday Shepard K. and don't forget that round is a shape.

    And I can say that from experience...LOL

    and thanks for the guilt trip. :o) I so need to lose about 20 lbs.

  9. Mr. Daddy, it would take a LOT for me to be completely round. Let's just say I want to take a few bottles out of the twelve pack abs. Truthfully, I should lose about 45 pounds. I'll be happy if I knock of about 20.

  10. Belated Happy BD wishes! Best o' luck with all of your endeavors!

  11. Happy Birthday! (belated)

    Sneak over to my site, then click on the link to my friend Maura's clean eating site. I'm about 30 pounds down since Christmas - I credit her help with my diet.

  12. Tango Juliet and North, thanks.

  13. Happy Birthday my's to more where that came from. Congrats on the application. Takes alot of guts to do that sort of thing. I'm sure you will have Castle Erikson up to snuff in no time :) PS- You're not alone in not liking your shape...there are alot of us out here. I agree with the calorie counting websites..I've been using one and so far, so good!

  14. Melanie, if we can avoid project ADD, we'll be fine. Getting everyone to focus on a project until completion takes some doing. Especially when I'm the one who needs to be kept...SQUIRREL....Oh wait, what was I saying?


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