Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rumor Has It...

...that I surprised The Queen with a ski trip for our 11TH wedding anniversary.

The drive from the DFW area to Santa Fe, NM was a fun filled, icy adventure punctuated by one moment of almost terror as we watched an 18 wheeler lose control on black ice, head straight for the median and jack knife to a stop just before careering into our lane at the exact moment we were skating by while trying to get the ABS brakes to do something besides take a nap on the ice.

Here's some photos from the trip for your enjoyment.

Just as an FYI, allergies, high altitude, and a sedentary lifestyle do not mix well. An hour and a half of attempting to teach M&M was enough to have her and I both worn out and ready for a nap. The Queen was sent to enjoy the slopes without us.

Just as a PS to the FYI, planning a ski trip for New Years when everyone and their dog are off work makes for a very crowded ski area.


  1. Hope you all had a great time, looks fun. I stay away from ski's, my legs are only coordinated for a skateboard or surfboard, it would be a disaster for me.

    1. Senior, we had an enjoyable trip regardless of how much/how little time we spent on the slopes. I got the reaction I was looking for from The Queen. The accomodations were nice. But for the first part of the drive to get there, the weather was good. I should probably get into better shape before attempting skiing again. Can't skateboard or surf to save my life. Too much gangly and not enough skill.

      On another note, my memory says you live or lived in the northern Florida area. If that is correct, drop me an email at krerick at google's mail service. I've got some questions for you.


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