Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dream a Big Dream

Mommy and daddy dreamed a big dream;
It grew in their hearts with a sparkle and gleam.
A little child to have and squeeze; 
nothing more would so greatly please.
God saw their dream like fire on the open sea;
He heard them cry out in prayer with an earnest plea.

And so God made you for us.

He made you sweet and gentle and kind;
He made strong in body and mind.
He watched and protected as you grew in the womb,
Until time came for you in birth to bloom.
Early you came into the world full of light;
For mommy and daddy, the timing couldn't have been more right.

And so God brought you to us.

So tiny and frail to us you came,
and our love for you burst out like a roaring flame.
You grew and you thrived
as we stuggled and we strived.
We pleaded and we prayed
and our love for you never strayed.

And so God made us family.

Together forever we are with each other,
With hugs and kisses we hold tight and smother.
God blessed us all far beyond measure,
Nothing of gold or silver more would we treasure.
Except maybe a little baby sister or brother,
A special little someone in need of a father and mother.

And so Mommy and Daddy dreamed a big dream....

Dedicated to my wonderful wife, The Queen, who dared to dream a beautiful dream and had the faith to see it come to life, and to our big dream made real, M&M.


  1. any words i could say would be so trivial compared to what you wrote. you both have so much courage...and faith. courage is required for is what the 90% rest of it is made up of. you guys have it in spades.

    and balls. you and The Queen have really big balls.

    what a beautiful pic!

    sending much love, as always. your friend,

    1. Kymber, thanks. Not sure about the courage part. Balled my eyes our writing it. Haven't successfully read it out loud yet.


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