Saturday, February 10, 2018

Friday Funnies - The Saturday Day Late and Dollar Short Edition


  1. Ok, so #1 and 2 are a couple of many reasons why I don't drink anymore. Not more than 1 drink anyways.
    I figured drit was a southern thing...sorta like earl (us northern folks call it oil).
    #5. No, donuts do not get brown and mushy, instead they get hard as a rock, and fuzzy if left long enough. Just check the ones in the box on the free table at work...
    #8. Good to know it wasn't just my toddler that went to bed like that. We used to play cassettes (tells ya how long ago it was) of classical music or kids songs by some Canadian dude named Raffee. Great music for kids.
    #9,10,11 and 12 are gospel truth. All for different reasons :)
    I really like #13. Need to practice more of that.
    And #14 would probably go over better if you put some dirty dishes in and cleaned them up, since you went to all the trouble of drawing the water and

  2. Suz, I have a strict two drink limit mostly because I’m a boring drunk, and it’s a waste of alcohol to continue drinking for no benefit. Drit is most definitely a dropped out of school redneck thing. The thing with donuts is that they don’t normally last long enough to get fuzzy and hard whereas lettuce wilts if you look at wrong in the checkout line. M&M was easy to put to bed. Rock her for a few minutes, and she was down for the count.

  3. That Simple Formula For Living is spot on! I ai't great but I am good. That's how I go about my days. Well, except the humble part. Lots of laughs in that lineup. Thanks!


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