Sunday, February 18, 2018

Things You Don't See Everyday

Some people have truck dogs. I happen to have a truck cat.

Tinkle, for reasons that escape me, is surprisingly chill when it comes to riding in cars. So far as I know, he's the only cat I've ever heard of that actually ASKS to ride in a vehicle.

Wait, what?

Yep, you heard that right. I had to run an errand this afternoon, and I was waiting in the truck for The Queen to join me. I looked over into the front yard, and there was Tinkle walking up. He sat down, looked me right in the eye and meowed. So, I opened the passenger door, and he just hops up in the truck pretty as you please.

Tinkle enjoyed some one on one Daddy Hawk loving time, and then The Queen joined us. Tinkle showed no interest in leaving; and, since it was cool out and a short trip, we just ran our errand with him along for the ride.

He curled up in the backseat and chilled. Sometimes he would come up front to say hi or get his ears scratched. When got home, he got out of the car with us.


  1. Tinkle? A man Texas......who drives around in a monster truck. Who named this cat? Sounds like he is having an identity crisis. Someone needs an intervention. I collected my close (redneck) friends. We spent several hours (and 2 cases of beer) discussing appropriate names for a truck cat. After careful (but drunken) deliberation.......we like.....Bruce.

    1. JPD, The Queen and my six year old daughter M&M names the cat within a day of his arrival...long before it was discovered that he liked riding in vehicles. As such, my opinions on naming the cat were neither requested nor desired. Perhaps that has something to do with me suggesting the name Spanky McCloud for our last cat who was a large, grey ball of fluff. And one last point of order, when doing an intervention involving cases of beer, it is generally considered good form to actually involve the person upon which said intervention is being intervened. Just saying.

  2. Hi Daddy Hawk!!,
    I'm hep to "CATS" and yes most DON'T like to RIDE!!.. But some eons now when I lived in Costa Mesa Ca., over on W. 17th st.... my neighbor Ed had this cat he found as a kitten. he had a shop around the block and "Syd" the Cat would ride in his Nissan Trooper on the dash board when he'd go there or where ever!! Syd was a character, rowdy cat!!..would swipe at ya' as soon as look at ya' so Ed named her after Sydney Vicious of the punk rock group!! Syd has "gone on" now ..she lived some 17 years.... Between Ed and I in that small duplex court... we were the "Cat people!!" they knew we were suckers.... but we loved it!!

    1. SkyBill, that’s awesome. I’ve known a couple of Syds in my time. Evil little bastards. “Pet me, pet me. I love you....[head spins a 360...dark evil laughter]...foolish human, I am Destroyer the Death Angel come to take the first born [CHOMP!!!]”


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