Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Please Spare a Kind Thought or a Prayer

Yesterday, Brigid of Home On The Range fame posted the words I have been dreading reading for sometime now. Her 98 year old father is in declining health.

I have never met Brigid in person though not for lack of trying (I had to miss a planned get together while on business in Chicago due to a massive migraine), but I have followed her in the blogosphere since my early days poking around this corner of the internet. She is one of the best of us. She has shared much; both pain and joy. She creates magic in prose.

Please spare a moment to whisper a kind word or a simple prayer for the peaceful passing of a man who means a lot to one of our tribe and to comfort those he leaves behind.

If you're of a mind to do so, go read I Thessalonians 4:13-18. It's the verse I always turn to in times such as these. It's God's Promise that no loss is permanent. A time of resurrection and reunion awaits us all. 

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