Thursday, January 6, 2011

La La La...Ruger Can't Hear Me

So, the other day, I posted a brief rant about Ruger's BIG announcement about the LC9. Wooo! I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself. Well, complaining about their underwhelming product launch was unlikely to get anyone's attention at Ruger. So,....I posted the following question on their website's customer service link:

I've received your emails regarding today's LC9 announcement. I have to say I was disappointed that the announcement did not involve Ruger releasing a 1911 style pistol in 2011 to accompany the 100TH anniversary of the design's acceptance by the US Military. Is there any chance that Ruger will offer a 1911 style pistol in .45 in the near future?
It took a few days, but I finally received the following response from Ruger earlier today:

I am not aware of any plans at this time for any new products / calibers.  I will pass on your request though for consideration. We do appreciate your interest and your input.
Is it just me, or did Ruger just give me the finger?  


  1. I am thinking that if you were to take the high road, and NOT give them the finger back. (That being the trigger finger). it would be a pretty good trade off...

    Just saying.

  2. GunDiva, thought so.

    Mr. Daddy, I'd really like to take the high road, but it's hard to ignore Ruger as one of the only reasonably priced American manufacturers producing a range of desirable products. The GP100 is a nice alternative to the S&W 686. The SR40 is a right sweet alternative to the Glock 23 and S&W M&P 40. I think I'll just pout for a while and send nastygrams every so often.

  3. You put forth a well reasoned argument.

    you will do well in the Solicitors world grasshopper...

    perhaps I should take your advice, not so much on the pouting, but certainly on the nastygrams once in a while...LOL

    I have several Rugers in the gun safe, and cherish each and every one. although I did sell off my P90 .45 so I could afford the Kimber. 1911. I can at least say I didn't whore my beliefs of buying american, which the H&K, Beretta's, and Walther in my safe would totaly rat out....LOL And I am totally drooling over a M77 featherweight I found online chambered in the .257 roberts that I have convinced myself that I just have to have...
    Methinks Rach will not be well pleased with either of us when she learns of this dialog..
    Seeings as she just purchased the Nerf drum fed Raider CS-35 for me for Christmas, and believes that should satisfy my gun lust....

    Silly girl..... :o)

  4. I have no desire to be a solicitor. That's what pimps, hookers and British lawyers are into. I wish to be an advocate, litigator and mediator. At the very least, I wish to confound the judiciary.

    As to the Nerf, until they make one that can stick a sucker dart on someone's forehead from 100 yards out...I got no interest.


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