Wednesday, February 6, 2013

M&M...A Year (or so) In Pictures, Part 5

No, really dad, Mommy dared me to shoot whipped cream out my nose.

Gazing up in wide daddy sitting on the toilet. They warn you about the lack of privacy as a parent, but it never really sinks in until it's gone forever.

Oh, is it time for my close up Mr. Demille?

M&M showing off her new hat courtesy of Auntie My Sister...The Devil. Look familiar? It should. It matches the blanket Auntie MS...TD made for her previously.

That's all the photos fit to share for the moment. There are more locked away on my phone which will be doled out as I sync my phone with the computer. And, it's not like we've stopped taking photos or anything. Rest assured, you all will be able to follow the progress of M&M as she grows from this point forward.


  1. Imp is at his grandparents for one more night, but the pixie looked over my shoulder as I was admiring your daughter...she says, "Baby! Oh, I love you, baby! Cute baby! Oh, I love that baby!"

  2. She is so frigging cute. Oh, how I wish I had one of mine own...I bet you guys are just busting with pride.

    1. Stephen, thanks. We thinks she's the cutest thing ever beyond compare, but we are admittedly biased. And, yes, we do bust with pride everyday.


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