Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Night in the Car

So, last night, The Queen, M&M and I were driving around town running errands and looking for food. M&M was sitting in her car seat in the back seat coughing because she suffers from a "chockit" allergy and has had way too much "chockit" the last several days because...bad parents. The Queen and I are in the front seat chatting away about something when we hear:

M&M: [cough, cough, cough...POOT!!!]

The Queen and I exchange a quizzical glance and look into the back seat where we find a smiling M&M looking back at us.

M&M: Did you smell it?

It's a good thing we were stopped at a light.


  1. Of course, the inevitable question arises..........where would such an angelic child, like M&M, learn such behavior?? Inquiring minds want to know. *cough* Daddy Hawk *cough*..........

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  3. whoops , forgot the 'S' on kids.

  4. Oh my. LOL Kid say the darnedest things. I got my early morning laugh. Thank you M&M.

    1. Sissy, yes they do say the darnedest things. M&M is usually good for something giggle worthy on a regular basis.


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