Friday, April 29, 2011

Closing In...

As we enter the home stretch of week 6 of the law school application hostage watch, I thought I'd take a moment to make note of a couple of milestones waiting in the wings. I'm not sure which one will occur first, but I'll take the little victories where I can get them.

First, in no particular order, will be the fact that sometime in the next month or so my 200TH post will have seen the light of day. I make no promises, but I will do my best to make the next 10 posts worthy of your time and attention as we chip away at the last of the 100s. What happens after number 200 is anybody's guess at this point.

Next, who knows when, I hope to be able to report on the appearance of official follower number 30. I say official because Google Reader says I've got 39 subscribers versus Blogger saying I only have 29 followers. I have no idea if the 29 followers are included in the 39 subscribers or if that means I actually have 68 people reading my stuff. If someone knows the answer to that question, I'd appreciate the explanation. Regardless, subscribers are not distinctly identifiable by any means of which I am aware while followers have neat little links to their profiles. So, if it's all the same to you, I will stick to "official followers" as the milestone of choice.

Also, it appears that I've been remiss in my follower "introductions" as I haven't done a rundown of additions to the list since Brigid made her appearance. She came in at number 10 on the list and marked my first, arbitrary milestone on the blog. When number 30 gets here, I'll try to do another rundown.

Lastly, I'd like to solicit an opinion from the crowd. Some people run a reciprocal blogroll along the lines of you link me and I'll link you. Others take a more selective approach and only link those they really like to read. Others still take a categorized approach pigeon holing links into various groups like "bloggers I've met" or "people who don't suck". So far, I seem to have taken a mostly selective approach (with a couple of reciprocity exceptions). My question for you, my dear readers, is what do you consider proper blog etiquette? Do you want to see blogs categorized to make your blog stalking easier? Or would you prefer one massive blog roll o' doom (to borrow a phrase from Ambulance Driver)? How do you feel about reciprocity versus selectivity?


  1. My advice?
    Take what works for you and go with it.

    If you want to be selective, do so. While many people run a reciprocal blog roll there is no requirement to do so.

    I run a mixed grab bag. I'm fairly open to having a reciprocal blog roll then I divide up into people I do read daily and those in Texas.

    Eventually the goal of the Texas section is to organize a blogmeet/blog shoot (wonder where I could find someone willing to help with that,eh) but to also highlight that Texas has its fair share of bloggers.
    Something I was unaware of when starting.

    I have also removed blogs because of sparse posting or moving in directions I disagree with. My blog, my blog roll to be blunt

  2. I've stated in other places that the people that are on my blog roll are the people that I want to read. Every day, every new post.

    You are there, Shepherd, because I want to read your posts.

    I know that 'North' is on the blog roll of people that never come by to visit. I can only hope that what I blog interests a few close people.

  3. Bob S., yeah. I'm wondering who you're going to get to be your cohort in crime too. Seems to me that finding someone of the right caliber might be a tad difficult. Thanks for your other thoughts. That's kind of the approach I've taken, I just want to make sure I'm not inadvertently offending anyone.

    North, your blog is definitely interesting to me at least.

  4. I'm fairly selective about my blog roll - I list the people I must hit when I have a few minutes of down time. I have something like 130 blogs I follow; only a fraction of them are on my sidebar.

    PERFECT DAY has a more ecclectic list, while TALES has mostly an equine-based list, and GUNDIVAS, well, who knows what's on that last :)

  5. GunDiva, I never would have thought of the whole multiple personality/multiple blog approach to the blogroll conundrum.


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