Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Official...

No. I haven't been accepted to law school. YET. However, guess what just went to the top of my gun wish list. Ruger made me a very happy person today even if they did lie to me.

I do have one question for them though. In the days leading up to the release of the LC9, I received a daily countdown email hyping this great new product offering to be announced in 3...2...1. The SR1911...not a peep. I found out that it was officially launched by reading Caleb Giddings' Gun Nuts Media. So, what gives Ruger? Are you not proud enough of the 1911 to hype it to the moon? Or does the 1911 not need all the marketing hype it can get like the LC9?

Whatever. Just let me know which dealers are going to be stocking it so I can go put a deposit down.


  1. :-( You fooled me!

    w00t for the SR1911, though...

  2. You can NOT start a post with those two sentences. You gave me a flippin' heart attack!

    Now that I can breathe and my heart's beating again - I'm glad you'll be able to get your Ruger 1911 and that it was all just a little "miscommunication" about the production.

  3. North, sneaky little devil, aren't I?

    GunDiva, bwahahahaha!!!!!

    Honestly though, I hadn't intended to fool anyone or give heart attacks. It just worked out that way.

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