Saturday, April 30, 2011

Milestone Reached...Sort Of

A look over to the right side of the page shows that I now have 30 official followers. Sort of. You see, this most recent follower might or might not be properly termed as a follower in the strictest sense of the word. At least not yet. While she has a recently created blog, she has never posted anything. She has only occasionally read blog posts, but she's not a daily reader.

I suppose you could say that I know this follower rather well. Considering the fact that she's my wife, The Queen.

Here's the deal. The Queen and I were reading the most recent post on my niece's blog, and The Queen asked if she could be listed as a follower on the niece's blog. I'm going to set aside for the moment my slight disappointment that The Queen never asked to be a follower on my blog until after she asked to follow the niece's blog. I said that adding The Queen as a follower was definitely a possibility, and proceeded to sign in under The Queen's gmail account and add her to the niece's blog. At which point we discovered that it showed The Queen's full name on the blog's follower list. The Queen wasn't too keen on having her full name out there in bloggerland. 

I got to thinking that the best way to remain anonymous is to have your own blog and use your blogger name for all your following needs. So, I asked her if she wanted to have her own blog set up. The Queen asked me to give her a suggested blogger name. I immediately came up with "Queen Ginger" (The Queen + slang term for a red head). The Queen laughed and said she liked it. So, the blog "Queen Ginger The First" was born. 

There's no content yet and may not be for some time to come. It's serving more as a placeholder right now until The Queen decides what, if anything, she wants to write about.

Still, the numbers don't lie. I have 30 followers. So, it's got to be true. Right?


  1. All hail Queen Ginger!

    While RCC is one of my followers, he rarely reads my blog. I think he's following out of duty, like all of my family :)

    Congrats on 30!!

  2. GunDiva, The Queen giggled at your comment. At least your family is following. I can't get my dad or my sister...the devil to read the blog much less follow it. Mom reads occasionally, but she doesn't understand the whole blogging thing.

  3. Well, be careful on family following! There are quite frankly times I would love to post something but cannot! My parents are not following officially but they are reading!

  4. Keads, I really don't have to worry about it. I self edit anything that might force me to sleep on the couch or be disinherited.

  5. Long live Queen Ginger. My Dad reads my blog but only a printed version which my brothers will print out in larger type for him. They probably don't pass on some of them. He IS my Dad.

  6. OK - I'm her first follower. Now she will just HAVE to post something. :-) Hope she enjoys it, it does get to be fun.

  7. Guffaw, thanks.

    Brigid, I agree. Long Live The Queen. You would have been her second follower after me, but I kinda messed things up last night when I was setting things up. I forgot to "refollow" after the reset. I've also passed along your message that she just HAS to post something now. I've been encouraging her to for a while, but apparently my opinion does not count.


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