Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Advice For M&M

It's been a while since I've posted some advice for M&M. So, what's a Daddy Hawk to do?

1. Never rush a miracle. You're liable to wind up with a rotten miracle.

I'm loosely paraphrasing the Miracle Max line from The Princess Bride here. The essence of the idea is that we all, from time to time, look for or desperately need a miracle in our lives. When you're busy storming the castle, it's hard not to try and rush the miracle. The truth is that you can't rush a miracle. You have to be patient and wait for it. It'll get there in it's own good time. Besides, if it came on demand, it wouldn't really be a miracle would it?

2. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

Don't make things overly complicated. Life is difficult enough without turning it into a Rube Goldberg device.

3. Learn how to "shave" with Occam's Razor.

In general, the simplest explanation that accounts for the facts of a given situation is most likely the correct explanation.

4. Always address your elders or those in positions of authority with respect (even when they don't necessarily deserve it).

You can learn a lot from your elders if you'll be polite, shut up and listen. Also, police officers and other authority figures tend to respond to disrespectful behavior in unpleasant ways.

5. Never smart off to your flight instructor.

They already think you are trying to kill them, and they are looking for an excuse to return the favor.

6. First and foremost, fly the plane.

I learned to fly at the same time I learned to drive. One of the first things I was taught was that taking care of the really important things like keeping the plane in the air took priority over less important things like talking on the radio or picking my nose.

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