Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wide Awake Cuteness

Yesterday, you got to see The Cutest Baby In The World (TM) demonstrating how to properly rest anywhere, anytime, anyway. So, today, you get to see her in all her wide awake glory.

Would you believe that Needless Markup wants $155 for that little thing??

M&M Loves to stand on the counter while she gets her teeth brushed.

M&M modeling Mimi's sunglasses.

Left to Right: Niece I Do It!, Mimi, M&M and Niece Twig

You are powerless to resist my charms. Give me all your money or I release the sharks.


  1. I love that last picture. We know exactly who is in charge in your house :)

    1. Why GunDiva, whatever could you mean?


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