Friday, October 4, 2013

M&M Update and Random Photos

In an effort to placate the masses (or at least one cranky woman with a know who you are), I thought I would take this opportunity to get ahead of the demand for more M&M coverage with more photos of The Cutest Baby in the World (TM). I suppose I will have to retire her TCBITW (TM) title soon as she will (or has already) graduate to toddler status soon. I can't believe she will be two years old in a little over a month. The time has gone by WAY too fast. I was just holding this teenie, tiny baby. Now, I am curling 30 pounds of almost a toddler. What happened?

But, I also do enjoy seeing her develop and grow from baby to little girl even if it does mean that I am that much closer to having to shoot a boy as an example to the others. Sleepy girl crawling up into Daddy Hawk's arms is something I cherish along with wet kisses, giggles and squeals, tights hugs and "pick me up" arms and eyes. I love the way she says "peaze" instead of please. I was a bit disappointed when Opa got her to stop saying "juish" in favor of "jewiss" when she wants something to drink.

My heart absolutely melted when she said "I love you daddy" for the first time recently. I died laughing at lunch today listening her trying to say "work". The way she tried pronouncing it...I never thought I would here a toddler drop the "F" word so innocently having never heard it from anyone that we know of.

Anyway, on with the slide show...

I just can't pass up a cute, sleepy girl photo. She is hot natured like me and hates to be under the blanket. Every night whether it's hot or cold, we put the blanket over her. Without fail, she kicks off the blanket and finds a way to ball it up and use it for a pillow or tuck it under her for more padding. I love the "butt in the air with feet crossed" sleepy night night position.

Just a little Mona Lisa smile and relaxed stare that says "Really? You go right ahead. I be here planning to take over the world."

Scenes from M&M's first boat ride. We rented a pontoon boat at Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO last week. She loved it. She has to be part fish because we can't keep her out of the water. The middle photo was taken just before she found the throttle and set it for warp 2 (which is about the best you can expect on this boat). It was a beautiful day for getting out on the lake.

She did not want to get out of the lake when it was time to go. I also showed her how to attract small fish with spit. She was intrigued.

I had never seen one of these before until Sunday when we decided to take M&M to the state fair. It says "Scorpion" on the side and sports some BMW logos. It looks like it'd be a scream right up until the moment that an 18 wheeler turns it into a flat beer can.

The Queen and M&M. That baby can nap anywhere, anytime when she is tuckered out.

Taken right after take off on my return flight from Alexandria, LA yesterday. It was almost kinda cool watching two downpours from my seat until I spotted the third one directly in our flight path just out of frame to the right.

The Queen and our girl at the state fair. It was The Queen's first time to the fair despite having lived in north Texas for most of her life. They both had a great time.

The Queen and M&M sharing some thoughts with each other during our road trip back from Missouri last week.


  1. Doesn't cuteness of that purity level require a license, these days? :)

    1. lelnet, not yet. But, give it time. I'm sure the .Gov will find a way to regulate it once they are back open for business.

  2. Both your "girls" are adorable. You all look like you had so much fun!

    1. Brigid, it was a very fun day. I could have done without the heat exhaustion headache. But, other than that, the state fair was every bit the people watching experience it has always been.


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