Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Photos

After posting my Mother's Day well wishes to mom and complaining about the lack of good and recent photos of mom for posting, I was reminded of a family photo session which took place at the Dallas Arboretum in June 2008. It's a rather long story of how this photo session came to be scheduled, but suffice it to say you can blame my sister...the devil.

So, being the good son/brother/uncle that I am, I thought I'd take this opportunity to upload a few of my favorite photos from the family photo shoot. They turned out surprisingly well despite the fact that it was the end of Dallas, TX...with the temperature and humidity about equal. Thank you, my dearest sister...the devil.

Above, we have my lovely nieces, the golden children, spawn of my sister...the devil. You have met them before from the March birthday shootout range report. Kyria, the younger, is on the left. Kaitlyn, the older, is on the right. Their birthdays are only a week apart, and my sister...the devil claims she and my BIL did not plan it that way. I'm not sure I'm buying that, and I'm certainly not buying the other part of the story relating to the conception.

Above, we have my side of the family minus The Queen who was unable to make it due to health issues. Left to Right: Niece Kyria, BIL Richard, my older sister...the devil Tiffany, MIMI (aka Mom), Me (aka The Preacher...ignore the's gone now), and niece Kaitlyn. Don't we all look so happy? This was before the heat had sapped the life out of us.

Same group as before, just a different order. Aren't we charming? Don't answer that.

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