Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Girl in Her Happy Place

The crown princess, M&M, communing with her riding instructor's horse, Primera. M&M is horse crazy like no other kid I've seen. She's trying to convince me to build a barndominium with a horse stall on the other side of the wall from her bedroom. I asked if she wanted a window into the stall too. 

I'm destined to go broke feeding animals and stroke out while cleaning up horse turds.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday Funnies and Random Memery

TRUTH. We've got 4 of the little dune buggies and two dogs who think the litter box is there personal after dinner snack box. 

Add me some good Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean food on the pyramid, and I would never have to decide what to eat in any given week.

Fresh baked cookies, cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven, bourbon, fresh coffee...

True story. My late, great uncle lived in Louisiana when Blue Bell was not available there (may still not be available, I don't know). Anytime he traveled into Texas, he would stop and get a half gallon and eat it on the back to Louisiana. 

Scandanavian Architect here. My wife, the meth addicted raccoon, just calls me anal retentive.

This is an early Father's Day card from The Queen to me. It's funny because we've had this exact conversation. 

To be fair to Number 1 Follower, I did warn him.

Yeah, it's just like that.

And let's not forget Taco and Tequila Thursday.

This meme brought to you my Princess M&M. She is developing a wicked sense of humor.


Friday, May 12, 2023

Food Allergies

Wound up with a monster migraine earlier this week which is taking its sweet time releasing its strangle hold on my brain. Generally, my migraines are triggered by food allergies. Most notably gluten and dairy both of which I love with an unholy passion. So, I trekked off to see our family faithful doc who only sees me when I am suffering from a slight case of death. She proceeded to the do the voodoo she do and decreed that not only have I been indulging my gluten and dairy cravings a tad too much, but my adrenal glands are now protesting my recreational caffeine usage and coffee in particular. 

Drat. Curses. Filth, flarn and other imaginative adjectives. 

All I want RIGHT now, is Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with a shot of Espresso in a Donut Cone.

Gluten? Check!

Dairy? Check!

Coffee and Caffeine? Double Check!!

Up yours food allergies.

Friday Funnies


There is no substitute for the one true Dr Pepper (AKA Texas Coffee)

If God had wanted me to run, He would not have allowed man to invent projectile weapons.

This is truth. No one notices until the strong hit the wall, and then they wonder why things aren't getting done. 

M&M will have something similar on her car when she turns 16 assuming we are still allowed to own cars by then. 

This whole Bud Light fiasco doesn't matter to me in the slightest. I've never been a Bud Light drinker. I've never been much of a light beer driver for that matter. This is still funny though.