Other Preachers and Members of the Choir

The side bar was beginning to look overly cluttered. So, I decided it was time to do a separate blogroll page. I will try to provide descriptions, annotations and commentary for everyone; however, this will be a work in progress as is the nature of things on the internet.

Gone, But Not Forgotten (As of 9/18/2018)

SciFiChick at Bacon and Eggs - SciFiChick was an occasional commenter here and, by all appearances, was good people. Her blog mainly focused on food and the prepper/sustainable living lifestyle. Lots of good information to be had there if you are of that mindset. She passed away from a heart attack early in the week of August 24, 2014.

Bob Hoover's Blog - Sadly, Bob passed away from cancer in August of 2010. Prior to that he posted a lot of good content on a variety of topics including wood working, guns, homebuilt airplanes and cars. I really enjoy his blog and go back from time to time because we had a lot in common interest wise, and there is a ton of good information still there for the reading. I never had the chance to meet him in person.

Guffaw1952 at Guffaw in AZ - George Austin writing under the nom de plume, Guffaw, says he is "...a child of the 50′s. libertarian, now medically-retired. I’ve been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law." Can't argue with that. He passed away in early September 2018 after a long battle with cancer. 

Frank W. James at SHOOTIN' THE BREEZE and other things... - Well known gun writer and TV personality. Farmer by trade. Passed away September 2015 following complications from a stroke.

Ed Rasimus of Thunder Tales - Decorated Viet Nam era fighter pilot, author, political history professor. Ed passed away in February 2013. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. His blog remains up and is a treasure trove of insight into some of the important issues of our recent history.

Bloggers I Have Met In Meat Space (As of 11/22/2016)

2A Mama at In Pursuit of Life, Liberty & Happiness - I met 2A Mama when I wrote a review of her place of employment for The GunDivas and Daddy Hawk's Toy Box. She is a very nice lady who embodies what the gunny community is all about. Her last blog post was in August of 2013.

Bob S. of 3 Boxes of BS - I met Bob at the DAB (Dallas Area Blogshoot) III which was held at the private gun club of which Bob is the membership secretary. He is a gentleman and a fantastic host; and, if you need a better endorsement for his character, M&M took less than a minute upon meeting him to reach out for him to hold. She does not do that with just anybody. He mainly blogs about Second Amendment issues, defensive gun use, crime and fisking the arguments of gun control advocates (which he does quite well...not unlike shooting fish in a barrel). Bob has been quiet of late. His last post was in June of 2016; however, he hasn’t posted regularly since August 2015. As of September 2018, his blog has been pulled down. 

GunDiva at Just Another Perfect Day (and Tales From The Trail, It's a Horse's Life and The GunDivas) - According to her profile, GunDiva says she has "...three adult-ish children and a new-ish husband. We recently moved into an apartment in Small Town, Colorado. I met my husband on-line in February, 2008, and life has been pretty darn good ever since. A few years ago, my life was so much different. One of my many passions, besides shooting, reading, and riding is writing. I've written for as long as I can remember and love it. I set it aside for a while, but have recently been inspired to dust off the brain and give it another go." Boy has she ever. She writes on four blogs and has two books published under her belt.

I finally had the chance to meet GunDiva (and her sister Nebalee) while in Denver on a business trip this week (week of 12/9/2013). GunDiva was gracious enough to shanghai her sister into driving her to Fort Collins (the approximate midpoint between where she was and where I was) to meet for dinner. GunDiva is one of the early, early followers of P&HT (number 4 if I recall correctly) having found me (and vice versa) via the now defunct Easy Street Blog Carnival writing contests. GunDiva is just as down to earth as you would expect from her blogs, and she didn't pull her gun on me once. She is now the published author of not one but two books with plans for more. Her husband, Jay, is also a published author and graphic artist of a gorgeously illustrated children's book, a copy of which was gifted to M&M. I look forward to meeting up with them again. They're good people.

T. Seitz at Texas N Sanity - This is My Sister...The Devil's blog. She's still working on exactly what it is she's writing about, and I'm probably not at liberty to divulge certain things about which I am sworn to secrecy. Despite her claims to the contrary, she is still mom's favorite. Posting is intermittent as she still doesn’t get the whole blogging thing.

Tena Geiger Worthy at Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Tena and I went to middle, junior and senior high school together and were in band together almost the entire time (I bailed out my senior year after a disagreement with the band director). She played in the woodwind section (clarinet or flute if memory serves me correctly) while I was a cornet/trumpet player. She is good people. She just needs to post some more content once in a while. Oh, and whatever you do, don't believe a word she says about the mullet. Tena’s last post was January of 2014.

Active or Mostly Active (As of 11/12/2020)

Sarah Hoyt at According to Hoyt - Sarah is a professional, SciFi author and very. VERY prolific blogger. She cranks out a lot of words every day. Most of it is related to the business of SciFi writing; however, she delves into other topics including social commentary as well.

The Adaptive Curmudgeon's Blog - The apparent love child of H.L. Mencken, George Carlin and Robert Heinlein's Farnham. His wit is razor sharp, and the man can tell a story that still makes me laugh every time I read it (seriously...follow those links...put down your beverage first). He mainly writes about the joys of free firewood, living as cheaply as possible, and his total and complete disdain for human stupidity.

Ambulance Driver at A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver - Ambulance Driver (aka "AD") is the pen name for Steven "Kelly" Grayson who is a published author and real life EMT/paramedic/ambulance driver. His blog mainly deals with his chosen profession (both the odd and unusual as well as the technical details) is sort of an "Inside Baseball" way; however, he also delves into his other passions including his daughter and his passion for shooting/firearms.

Dan Linn at Another Time - Dan is a pilot, and this blog focuses mainly on his passion for aviation and vintage aircraft. He recently (June 2013) sold his Cessna 170B which was the predecessor to the Cessna 172. If you like airplanes, this is a good blog to follow.

Heroditus Huxeley at The Anti-Soma - HH is a frequent commenter here. She is the wife of Odysseus at the blog By Other Means. She is a published author, teacher of English, composition and writing to college students. Her blog mainly deals with her writing, her teaching and her family life; however, she does comment on current events when the spirit moves her. Warning though, when the spirit moves her to comment on current events, there is usually a fair amount of foul language involved. Do not read her Friday FFOT posts if you are easily offended.

The Art of Manliness - This is one of those general blogs written by several authors that purports to cover things every man should know. Usually, the information is pretty useful. Sometimes, it veers a little to far into the "Men's Health" magazine (if you know what I mean) genre.

Matt G at Better and Better -Matt G is another denizen of North Texas. He is in law enforcement and likes to blog about whatever strikes his fancy which is usually his life and family. He's been at it since 2006, and I confess that I have not read all the archives. So, there may be treasure there that I have yet to unearth.

Kenn Blanchard at Black Man With a Gun - Kenn is an ordained minister, retired marine, federal police officer, gun rights activist and podcaster among other interests. His podcasts are usually well worth your time. He doesn't know me from Adam. I just like his stuff.

Robert Langham at Blackfork -Robert can usually be found behind a camera or a rifle. His blog features many of the photos he has taken using a large format camera as well as his reports and photos of the Texas State Rifle Association sponsored events. Last post May 2017.

Blue at Blue's Blog -Blue is a patriot, former army infantry. He normally posts amusing or pointed photo memes critical of the current administration or human stupidity.

Momma Fargo (aka Kathryn Loving) at The Boogie Man is My Friend and My Wedding Dress is Snow Camo - Momma Fargo is really good people. She is a, now former, police officer and recently relocated from Wyoming to Indiana. Fargo blogs about her life including the good, the bad and the ugly. The archives are full of day in the life of a popo. She is a published author of two books and apparently working for a local college helping our future leaders be less stupid than they might otherwise be.

Borepatch -No. 1 blog son of Jay G at MArooned who blogs about internet security and firearms. He also posts music from time to time.

Odysseus at By Other Means - Husband to Heroditus Huxeley at The Anti-Soma. Odysseus can usually be found providing the blog world with MSFW photos of women either holding/carrying weapons or dressed up for cosplay. Occasionally, there is other content, some amusing, some thought provoking.

Aaron Clarey at Captain Capitalism - I came across the good Captain sometime in the last few months (as of October 2013) from a link someone else posted about one of his discussions on economics. Aaron is an economist who has effectively gone Galt. He is also an author and podcaster. Women should not read his blog unless they are secure in their femininity and not easily offended. Everyone should read his thoughts on education and wise choices in college majors. He tells it like it is with no apologies. He can come across as a smug, arrogant, misogynistic SOB, but you will have a hard time winning an argument against him on the facts.

OldAFSarge at Chant du De'part -OldAFSarge is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who spent his time playing with the weapons systems on F-4s. Now he has a civilian gig playing with computers. He's married, has adult kids and grandkids and lives in Rhode Island of all places. His blog is very pro-military and puts up some good airplane porn on a regular basis.

Chris Hernandez at chrishernandezauthor.com - Chris is a former marine, current Texas National Guard member, police officer and published author. You can see his full bio on this website, and he appears to be just who he claims to be. His writing is solid, and I enjoy his "war/cop" stories immensely.

Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy - If you are not reading Candance, you are missing out. She is a hoot. If you are familiar with the southern expression "Bless your heart" and understand its full meaning, you will recognize its influence through out Candance's writing. From her bio: "I'm a white trash, southern belle newly re-married mother of two- a hormonal teen girl and a boy genius-who is trying to figure out this whole parenting thing, how to make my second marriage work since the first one obviously didn't turn out too well, what she wants to be when she grows up and the meaning of life. It's sure not what the experts call a "normal" life, but there's never a dull moment!" Candance is a teacher and has mad crocheting skills (M&M loves the two purses Candance made for her). Candance is still active (I think); however, she has limited her blog to invited readers only (I wasn’t).

DaddyBear at Daddy Bear's Den - According to his "Station Identification" page, Daddy Bear's Den is "... a blog dealing with politics, guns, some technology, and the general madness of living with kids, dogs, cats, wives, ex-wives, and a job." He also describes himself as "Just your average suburban dad who likes to cook, shoot, play with the kids, and be used as a training aid." His "Minivandian" stories are epic and make the mundane into the awesome.

Mr. RevolverGuy at Day at the Range - Reviews of firearms and related accessories.

Pissed at The Feral Irishman - Pissed is a guy from up in the northeast that blogs about guy things. He posts jokes (some clean, some less so), stunning nature photography, music, and the occasional NSFW photos.

Andrea at Frugally Sustainable - According to Andrea, "Frugally Sustainable is the story of my transition out of a consumer culture into the brave world of sustainability. It’s about focusing on what’s important amidst uncertain times. It’s about…returning to forgotten skills, reviving old wisdom, creating something amazing…and finding happiness in the journey." Andrea is a registered nurse and now entrepreneur.

Grant Cunningham at GrantCunningham.com - The Blog - Grant is a custom gunsmith extraordinaire and revolver aficionado. Unfortunately, he has a two year backlog of work and is not taking new work at this time. Maybe if he spent more time gunsmithing and less time preaching the Gospel of the Wheelgun on his blog and Gun Digest he might be more productive. Just a thought.

The Gun Blog Black List - Originally started by North who no longer blogs, it was briefly helmed by JayG of Marooned. It is now moderated by OldNFO, Kevin from exurban league and Greylocke. Really just a place to locate like minded gun bloggers that started as a joke and grew from there.

GunDiva, et al (including me) at The GunDiva's - The GunDiva's is the brain child of GunDiva (you can read about GunDiva's bio in the Bloggers I've Met in Meatspace section) and Mrs. Mom as "a safe forum for women interested to be able to ask questions and get honest answers from women, because, let's face it, men don't have the same experiences we do in anything." Along the way, GunDiva invited action/romance (smut) novelist Tara Janzen, her husband Jay, me, and a couple of other guys they know and trust to be contributors. As a result, I started posting most of the gun content I would previously have posted here to over there.

Caleb Giddings, et al at Gun Nuts Media -Some of you may remember Caleb as a contestant on Season 1 of Top Shot. He has parlayed that appearance into a media empire of sorts starting with this blog and branching out into GunUp The Magazine, etc. Caleb says "Gun Nuts is more than just a gun blog, it’s the leading source of online shooting sports news and information." I don't know that I'd agree that it's the leading source, but it is definitely a good source. Caleb is assisted by his girlfriend Shelley Rae and a couple of other bloggers who contribute content.

Paul, Dammit! at Hawsepiper: The Longest Climb - I found Paul on 10/11/2013 via a link from Borepatch, and I immediately knew this was a keeper. Paul is a merchant mariner, and his blog is mostly related to his life in that trade. He is married to a Brazilian, and he occasionally posts photos (some MSFW/NSFW) of Brazilian women in an apparent attempt to show how high the bar is set for attractiveness in Brazil. He is also a great story teller.

James Rummel at Hell in a Hand Basket -James's tag line/blog subtitle is "Helping innocent souls find peace of mind for over 20 years." That pretty much sums up what he does for a living and what he blogs about. He is a firearms trainer who focuses on helping the timid, the weak and the disabled learn how to defend themselves.

Brigid at Home on the Range - Brigid, in my humble opinion, is a must read regardless of your interests. According to her, she is a "Swept wing cowgirl for Uncle Sam meets doctorate in forensic geekery. I like solving puzzles. Life is an adventure that usually involves a sidearm, a cheap camera and a trusty black lab. The guys and gals in the white hats don't always win, but at least we are well fed." Her prose is eloquent. Her photos are intriguing. Her humor is funny without being sharp or biting. She goes beyond being good people.

Captain Tightpants at I Aim to Misbehave -The good captain says this about himself: "Just a few ramblings from a confused guy. Cop. Husband. Father. Student. Role playing gamer, on intermittent weeks. Avid reader. Internet addict. Small "l" libertarian. Too many others to mention. The views and opinions expressed herein are my own, and do not reflect those of any official agency or government or species. Names have been changed to protect the guilty; God protects the innocent as a matter of course." CT is a great guy when he has time to blog. He also has the distinction of being the only person thus far (as of May 2014) to be a guest blogger here.

Bill, Juanita (aka Bionic Cowgirl), GunDiva and occasionally Ranger the Horse at It's a Horse's Life - Bill and Juanita are are GunDiva's mother and step father as well as caretakers of horses Ranger, Jesse and Washoe. They run the Allenspark Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Allenspark, CO a little northwest of Denver. Bill's stick figure artwork and his channeling of Ranger's thoughts are priceless. 

Murphy's Law at Langiappe's Lair -Muprhy's Law does not have a profile per se. He is an attorney living in West Virginia in proximity to the DC area. He has had a below the knee amputation of one of his legs (I forget which one). He has a gun collection to be envied, and he owns a Cessna 172 which he uses to great effect for aerial photography and getting back to Michigan to see family. He is a bachelor and outspoken conservative (which explains his lack of success with the ladies in uber liberal territory). The blog is named after one of his dogs, a German Shepherd, who has since passed away. He currently has two German Shepherds, Audie Murphy and Memphis Belle, who keep him company and find ways to annoy him.

LawDog at The LawDog Files - LawDog has been around a good long time in blogger years. He started life as a regular commenter on several (some now defunct) forums before finally starting his own shop in 2006. He is a deputy sheriff in a north Texas County (Collin if my guess is correct) and currently holds is a holding down the fort at the county jail as a shift supervisor as either a sergeant or lieutenant (again, I think). He is married to blogger, Phlegmmy of Phlegm Fatale fame. LawDog has a gift for humorous story telling that is both rare and to be envied. A trek through his archives is well worth your time.

Scott Locklin at Locklin on Science -

Christina LMT at Lucrative Pain -

Erin Palette at Lurking Rhythmically - Erin is hard to describe. Erin is into guns, My Little Pony and role playing games. As to the rest, Erin's own words are probably best to explain Erin.

George Hill at MadOgre -

Massad Ayoob at Backwoods Home Magazine -

Mike at Mike's Spot - Taken private, invite only. 

The Miller at The Miller -

Modern Day Redneck at Modern Day Redneck -

Tim Lau, Hilton Yam, et al at Modern Service Weapons -

Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation -

David at Musings Over a Pint -

Mr. Garabaldi at My Daily Kona -

Momma Fargo at My Wedding Dress is Snow Camo - Momma Fargo's other blogging endeavor dealing with the trials, drama and tribulations of raising a teenage female and other things.

New Jovian Thunderbolt (aka T-Bolt) at New Jovian Thunderbolt -

Old NFO at Nobody Asked Me -

PawPaw at PawPaw's House -

Michael Z. Williamson at The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse (formerly Speaker to Morons)
SayUncle at SayUncle -

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble -

Mike McDaniel at Stately McDaniel Manor -

Tam at View From the Porch - Tam is the world famous snark mistress and old gun guru. Roomie of Roberta X and friend of Brigid. She blogs about guns, ranting at TV news anchors and the sights and tastes of her local neighborhood.

Oleg Volk at Volkstudio Blog - Do you really NEED me to tell you who this guy is? LEGAL immigrant to the US from the former Communist bloc, gun nut (though we will have to excuse his penchant for KelTec products) and photographer extraordinaire.

Inactive (Nothing New in Over 1 year)

*Framboise Manor* - Kymber and Jambaloney are a husband and wife duo living in their "Bug Out Location" in the wilds (sort of) of Canada. Their blog mainly focuses on daily living in a sustainable manner including gardening, DIY home improvement, food/cooking and the ubiquitous "sky pictures". They are good folks. Last post 7/4/2018

30Cal Gal - This is the blog of Annette Wachter, and it mainly focuses on her efforts in precision, long range rifle competition. Sorry gents, she is married...and well armed. This domain has been parked as of 11/22/2020

911 and the Randomness at 911 This Better Be Good - 911 TBBG had been inactive since August 2012. Of course, not moments after I originally did her bio, she started posting again, briefly, for one post, in mid September 2013. I hope she picks up the keyboard again. Content is pretty straight forward dealing with true life stories from a police dispatcher/911 operator with some personal life and "other" thrown in. I came across 911ATR after she started following P&H. Or was it the other way around? I forget. Either way, I enjoy the "slice of life" reporting from another profession that is just as jaded and cynical about humanity as the insurance claims world is.

A Girl at A Girl and Her Gun - A Girl is more or less on hiatus in the blogging world as she has chosen to focus her attention and outreach via her A Girl and Her Gun Facebook page. Her blog is mainly about her journey from crime victim to gun owner, shooter and trainer. Along the way, she shares stories of her family and life. Though we have not met in meat space, I am proud to call her a friend after exchanging some email with her during the foster parenting drama.

Sean Caranna at All Nine Yards -Sean is into guns, airplanes and motorcycles. What's not to like? He is former army and an active Second Amendment supporter as executive director of Florida Carry. As you would expect, a significant percentage of his posting deals with his work with Florida Carry and the Second Amendment. Last post November 2017.

John the Texaner at All You Really Need - John's blog claims to be about guns, food and photography. I see John in comments on other blogs every now and again, but he seems to have lost interest in posting content of his own with only one post in 2013 so far and not much more than that in 2012 or 2011.

Keads at Another Day...Another... - Keads is good people. He frequently posts gun content as well as tales of his collection of Ford Mustangs. Every once in a while, he will post something about his day job which is over my head but appears to be tech hardware related. He is a semi-regular commenter here. Last post August 2017.

Apartment Manager at The Apartment Manager's Blog (formerly Stories from Apartment Managers) - This is one of those "So, you think you have a bad job?" blogs. I find it amusing to read and see some of the things that people do when they do not have an ownership interest in their living space. Seriously, some people just need to live in a barn and be done with it. Posting is infrequent. Last post August 2016.

Rifleslinger at Art of the Rifle - Rifleslinger is a guy who takes rifle shooting very seriously. This blog chronicles his journey from newbie to student of the rifle to marksman to sling maker to whatever else. I have purchased one of his slings; however, as of yet (September 2013), I have not had a chance to make use of it. Quality appears to be top notch. Last post July 2015.

Aubrey Turner at aubreyturner.org - Aubrey hasn't posted anything since December 2012; however, I keep the link up for one reason: he is the one stop shop for North Texas gun show information. And, he's got a fairly healthy archive of posts to read, too.

El Capitan at Baboon Pirates - El Capitan is a single guy living the government employee life down in the Houston, TX area. Though he has never said which government entity he works for, it sounds like he works in HR for the City of Houston. His blog is about equal parts job frustration venting, guns, cigars and "other". To my recollection, he has never responded to a comment of mine. So, I tend to just lurk for anything interesting and not waste time worrying about it. Last post January 2018

45er at Barrel Smoke -What's not to like about a blog that features a suppressed AR pattern rifle on the front page? 45er posts mostly about guns, news commentary, life and other items that peak his interest. He comments here occasionally and seems to be good people from what I can tell. Nothing new since 2013.

Rick O'Shea at Bullet Points - Rick has not posted any new content since February of 2011. At the time of his unannounced hiatus, Rick had been fired from his job for daring to question authority and tradition (which automatically give him brownie points in my book) and was neck deep in a job hunt. Like me, he has a wife with health issues and is a sole provider. He is a tech nerd and gun nut among other positive attributes. Based on his last few posts, I'm guessing his give a flip for blogging got up an left.

Skeeter73 and Garland Girl at Crap Happens Acres - Skeeter and GG are a husband and wife in the Dallas area. Skeeter says he's a Mason and a Shriner. Their blog centers around their family activities including prepping and gardening.

D.B. at D.B. Cooper - The Blog - Another aviation/airplane blog. According to the subheader, D.B. writes about "Flying, parenting, science, philosophy, dinosaurs, food, some politics and religion - Yes, I probably have ADHD........". Last post was in 2015.

Kelli at Delightfully Ludicrous - Kelli is an Aussie and a girl. Beyond that, I know only that she finds something amusing to write about on a regular basis. I mean, who would have thought that pub trivia team dynamics or performance art knitting (I'm not going to explain that one further...but there is apparently a video on YouTube) would be interesting, but she finds a way. Last post was in 2014.

Duke at Down Range Report - Duke describes himself as "30 years construction and engineering. Retired Navy Seabee/Combat Engineer. Combat tours Iraq. I like machinery and like to work on old cars and trucks, Motorcycles, and guns. Scuba Diver. Life member NRA. Member of Combat Vets Motorcycle Association and VFW" Opinionated? Yes. What's your point? He hangs out with other like minded bloggers in the Florida area including Senior from "Senior's Mess" and Stephen at "Standing Outside Looking In." He covers a variety of topics including firearms, shooting, prepping, politics, social commentary, etc. Last post February 2016.

Mr. Engineering Johnson at Engineering Johnson - EJ is the lucky "partner in grime" who recently married the blogosphere's favorite redhead, Brigid of Home on the Range. EJ self describes himself in his profile as "As the nerdy nickname might suggest, my name is Johnson and my profession of choice is Engineering. I am an alumni of the University of Illinois (UIUC) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Outside of work, I like to focus on things like firearms, trains (especially old ones), cars, and bad puns (just ask any of my friends.) Why do I need a blog of my own? Perhaps I just like the sound of myself typing, but I sometimes feel the need to write, even if it's to nobody in particular. Writing seems like a good, constructive way to use up my extra energy and make me feel like I've accomplished something. That being said, I hope to provide a little enjoyment for whoever comes across this blog. After all, there MUST be a few people out there who have interests similar to mine." Last post June 2016.

Family Best at Family Best - Family Best lives in the North Georgia mountain area; and, according to the profile, "I love writing, photography, cooking and doing family activities! Our family is very active in our church and building a small hobby farm, to eventually get to self sustainable living." Last post July 2013.

TXGUNGEEK and Misbehaven at Gun Geek Rants - Misbehaven doesn't post ever in my memory; however, TXGUNGEEK posts on a semi regular basis on a variety of subjects including guns, cars and aircraft. They have not seen fit to give readers much in the way of profile information, but their blog header says the blog is "The ranting and raving of a geek who likes guns and planes and all kinds of other stuff." Piecing the clues together, I gather TXGUNGEEK works in the Texas A&M aeronautical engineering lab at Easterwood Field in College Station, TX. I may be wrong on that subject, but I don't think I am. Last post September 2016.

Gunner at Gunner's Journal -Gunner is a retired police officer and college professor. His site has not been updated since March of 2013; however, the archives are just bursting with good information especially if you are a 1911 fan.

Arthur B. Burnett at HomePlace - Art's Stuff -Art's blog has been radio silent since December of 2012 (as of May 2014). He had been dealing with prostate cancer but no indications that he wasn't going to make it. His profile says "Arthur and his lovely bride, Helene, moved to the HomePlace, a small ranch in Central Texas, in May of 2000. The peace of country life was shattered by the invasion of two (free) ducks closely followed by chickens, rabbits, a herd of cats and one rude goat. Art has been a firearms enthusiast since the days of watching Roy Rogers, The Rifleman and Sky King. Over the years the neat stuff that has followed him home has turned into a decent gun collection that spans flintlocks to modern handguns, rifles and shotguns. Art and Helene have shared their knowledge of firearms and history with Schools, Writer’s Conferences, Civic Groups and even a few Science Fiction Conventions. When he can steal a few moments from the animals Art enjoys shooting, old vehicles, writing and a parade of ‘History Projects.’"

Hossboss at Hoof 'n Barrel -Hossboss has also been radio silent since 2012 (as of May 2014). Her profile says "I am a wife and a mother and a grandmother. I am a Christian and stubborn about my principles. I believe in right and wrong and that there is very little that falls into the gray area in between. I am fiercely loyal to my principles, one of the first of which is being loyal and supportive to my husband."

Jennifer at How Did This Happen? -Jennifer's blog is about her journey in horse back riding...the showy/competitive kind not the rodeo kind. She claims she is "35, TWF [ed. 'taken white female'...she has/had a beau named Robert], Christian, Conservative, owned by Three Cats, Two Dogs, Two Geldings [ed. Romeo and Harley]." Last post December 2014.

Stephan Dueboay at The Impulsive Texan -Stephan is an occasional blogger who posts irregularly. He claims to be "Fifth-generation Texan just south of Fort Worth, living the good life in the great state of Texas." Last post June 2016.

Lawyer at Lawyer With a Gun - Last post July 2017.

CTone at Legion's Fate - Last post June 2016. 

Maddog at Maddogs Farm - Last post April 2016

Mr. Completely at Mr. Completely - Last post October 2016.

James at My Mind Won't Stop – Last post March 2014.

Rachel at Once Upon a Miracle – Last post March 2015. I think she has mainly moved to Facebook as her social media presence.

Melanie at One Hot Mess – Last post December 2012.

Blue Steel at Point Blank Range – Last post August 2013.

Random Acts of Patriotism – Now posting on Borepatch’s blog. Last post in 2014.

Rational Gun at Rational Gun – Last post August 2015.

Paladin at The Reluctant Paladin - I just recently (sometime around mid 2013) found Paladin's blog and then he goes and tells everyone in mid October 2013 that he's decided to hang it up...probably for good. I'm hoping he just leaves the blog up in hiatus status so that the archives remain accessible. His blog is a typical general interest blog with equal parts social/political commentary, eye candy, memes, guns, family stuff and "other".

Mary Witzl at Resident Alien – Last post June 2014.

That Guy at Rocks in a Sea of Chaos – Last post January 2015.

Senior at Senior's Mess - Combined with his wife's blog as of April 2017.

Sevesteen at Sevesteen - Last post July 2017.

Teke at The Spiral Tube (formerly God's Caliber) – Last post September 2014

Stephen at Standing Outside Looking In – Stephen says he is a southern veteran with a big streak of independence. He lives somewhere in Florida. Last post was January 2016; however, no regular posting since August 2015.

Matthew at Straight Forward in a Crooked World - Last post 1/22/2019

Orbitup at Subject to Change -Subject to Change is another generalist blog with varying content. Some funny. Some MSFW/NSFW. Some thought provoking. If I'm reading his profile correctly, he is a used car dealer in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I like his profile tag line too: If there is no such thing as a stupid question, what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Last post May 2015.

Dr. ATP at surroundedbyair -This blog is the "adventures of a guy in love with all kinds of flying." Dr. ATP is a former professional pilot, current flight instructor and Math/Computer Science Professor. If you're not into aviation, you will probably think it a little too "Inside Baseball". Last post May 2016.

Gracie and Kim at Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitch Fest - Per their blog header, they are "...three friends....We write about self-reliance, gardening, kids, politics and whatever else we want." Last post May 2016.

David Armstrong at The Thinking Gunfighter - With only 16 posts since he started blogging in 2009, I think "infrequent" doesn't quite do him justice as a descriptor. Last post was August of 2013. So, I think it’s safe to say he gave up blogging. However, when he did post, he brought the smarts. According to his bio, David is former military and law enforcement and has a Ph.D in Criminal Justice. He's currently a professor at McNeese State University if his LinkedIn profile is up to date.

CalvinsMom at The Transmogrifier Files - This blog is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. CalvinsMom is a teacher/college professor in a big city along the east coast somewhere. Much of her recent postings have dealt with "The Stupid" in one form or another. By her own description, she blogs about "rancid ravings, amused musings and inappropriate stories galore." Foul language is known to appear from time to time. She can tell a good story though. Last post April 2013.

Russell J. Collier, Jr. at Ungrateful and Insolent and Exhausted - Frankly, I'm not sure how best to describe Russell's blog. Surrealism and non sequitur are words that come to mind. Stream of consciousness perhaps. Last post was May 2015.

Warlock Sundance at Warlock Sundance - Warlock is an infrequent blogger. Last post was June 30, 2015. I suspect that is because he spends more time on his motorcycle than in front of a computer.

We The People at We The People... - We The People hasn't posted anything new since May 2013. When there was new content, it was focused on politics.

Sobriant74 at Whatsamatta U? - Sobriant74 appears to have given up the keyboard as of June 2014. His soapboxes tend to focus on politics, the economy and prepping/sustainable living.

Xavier at Xavier Thoughts - Xavier has been on indefinite hiatus since August of 2011 for all practical purposes. There was a post in April 2012, but that appears to have been an exception for special circumstances. The blog is still up, and there is plenty of good stuff in the archives especially if you have a thing for 1911s or S&W revolvers. Other topics include bicycles, nursing, self defense and photography.

Carteach0 - Carteach0's blog is a gunnie playground. Lots of good stuff on guns, modern and vintage, reloading, shooting, etc. He recently (October 2013) indicated that his new job was taking up most of his time and had run out of things to say. There was a hint he might take the blog down. Hopefully someone with influence can talk him out of it. As of 11/12/2020, the blog has been taken private and invite only. 

Dann in Ohio at God, Gals, Guns, Grub - Dann, in addition to being a self confessed Ruger addict (seriously, I think he has at least one of each model they make), describes himself quite thoroughly as "...just an average, over-weight guy who likes teaching and learning; loves my God, adores my Gals - wife and daughter, enjoys anything and everything about Guns, and is trying to eat less and more healthy Grub. I'm currently a professor, former police officer (just a regular one, no SWAT or secret squirrel experience), NRA Training Counselor and Instructor, 4H Shooting Sports Instructor and Advisor. I also love photography (it's just shooting with a different tool) and enjoy motorcycling, my dogs, working in the barn, fixing things, amateur gunsmithing, church, friends, and a permanent shooting range with a covered, concrete shooting line so I can shoot whenever the urge hits me." He and I have a lot in common, and I would love to add him to the list of bloggers that I've met one day. Last post March 2017.

The Skipper at I Don't Know...Ask The Skipper - Skipper is former navy, and devotes most of his time to posting about the armed forces with a heavy emphasis on the navy. Last post September 2017.

Jennifer at In Jennifer's Head - Wife of EvylRobot (aka Michael Hast of The Holster Site/Michael's Custom Holsters). Jennifer likes to blog about whatever the heck she feels like on any given day, but it usually revolves around current events, personal life and the gunnie world. She has a great photo of her and a Keltec KSG on her "me" page which I believe was taken by the fantabulous Oleg Volk. There is also a photo of her in a black cat suit somewhere around fall of 2012 if you can dig that far back in the archives. It was for charity, and it's nothing racy. So, get your mind out of the gutter. Last post 1/22/2019

The Big Guy at Listen to Uncle Jay - Last post 4/26/2018

Jay G at Marooned - website address available for purchase as of 11/12/2020

MSgt B at My Muse Shanked Me - Last post March 2017.

Noydbyah at Noydbyah - Last post September 2017.

Theredneckengineer at Theredneckengineer - Last post March 2016. Removed as of 11/12/2020

AE_Pilot Jim at Seagulls and Guns - Last post 5/11/2018

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