Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Silliness


This is funny as heck because there was just a minor war in our local church group over this.

This is truth. 

I've lived this photo more than once. 

JWR at did an article series recently that is very thought provoking and on point.

I'll take never work again rich.

Mi Tierra's in the Mercado...worth the drive.

That'd be my weakness right there. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Friday Funnies


For those readers who do not get a tingle looking at engine parts, that is a thermostat which can usually be found somewhere on top of your engine block and controls coolant flow into the block so your motor doesn't overheat and seize up on you. The cylinder wedged on the left appears to be a 10mm socket which are notorious for disappearing. You do NOT want one to go walkabout INSIDE your engine. Bad juju results. 

Some might see this as in bad taste. I'm pretty sure Betty would have laughed at it.

But it says right on the box that masks are not effective against climate change.

I'm sure that, technically, that is an awesomely done paint job. I'm also sure you could hook a generator up to Carrol Shelby's grave, show him that photo, and power a small city.

My Sister...The Devil knitted me a scarf once upon a time, It was over 12 feet long.

Yes...yes he did. AND he smiled after he did it. Sick perv.

No wonder he was always angry.

I want my employee discount at the very least.