Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday Funnies - The Late Night, After Thanksgiving Food Coma Edition


This year, I made my first attempt at fried pies. Overall, I am pleased with result considering I'd never tried to make them before. Next time, however, I'm using a different recipe.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

It really does annoy me that you start seeing Xmas stuff in the stores in September. Halloween gets a good month or so worth of retail space. Thanksgiving? It might get an end cap or center aisle pallet for a week. 

I know it's a gun and not something humorous, bat dang that's a pretty revolver. 

There is no dispute. Han shot first, but the FBI surveillance video clearly shows Greedo had already drawn his weapon and threatened Han. Self defense in any star port in the Galaxy. 

I'm a sucker for 3" revolvers. 

The only more feared words in an ad for a used car are "I do all my own work."

Repeat after me: It's "Freedom OF religion" not "Freedom FROM religion."

Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Funnies


A little automotive humor. The 4L60E transmission is Chevrolet's gift to transmission repair shops everywhere. Chevy put that thing in just about every rear wheel drive vehicle they make except the heavy duty trucks. I briefly had a 2003 Chevrolet Blazer that had 300,000 miles on it. The original owner had the 4L60E rebuilt at 150,000 miles. I only had it a couple of months before the 3/4 Clutch Pack (the set of clutch plates and steel plates that allow the transmission to go into 3RD and 4TH gear) let go when I was 20 miles from home. The cost to rebuild the transmission again was more than I paid for it. So, I sold it to someone else for parts. 

Never trust a fart...especially in traffic.

...and rabbits and kittens and bourbon...

Spicy with butter and honey on the biscuit

Some of y'all shouldn't be allowed near tools...

True story: I'm 6'4". Tried to test drive a Toyota MR2 in the late 80s/early 90s. My head stuck out the sunroof by about 3-4 inches. 

I can attest from personal experience that these make excellent smores.

I despise the time change. It complicates everything.

...and I've met her sibling too.

No...step away from the fryer.

While we're at it, let's discuss the incursions into September and October too.

Seen on a police officer's truck at the local PD.

It's that time of year again when we set aside a day for Gluttony and embarrassing moments with family. If you need me, I'll be hiding in an undisclosed bunker with lots of ammunition. 

True Story: The Queen and I were in church one fine Sabbath day (before we were married), and we had a hysterical note trading session on the subject of Eve listening to snakes and other sleazy creatures like lawyers.