Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday Funnies - The Late Night, After Thanksgiving Food Coma Edition


This year, I made my first attempt at fried pies. Overall, I am pleased with result considering I'd never tried to make them before. Next time, however, I'm using a different recipe.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

It really does annoy me that you start seeing Xmas stuff in the stores in September. Halloween gets a good month or so worth of retail space. Thanksgiving? It might get an end cap or center aisle pallet for a week. 

I know it's a gun and not something humorous, bat dang that's a pretty revolver. 

There is no dispute. Han shot first, but the FBI surveillance video clearly shows Greedo had already drawn his weapon and threatened Han. Self defense in any star port in the Galaxy. 

I'm a sucker for 3" revolvers. 

The only more feared words in an ad for a used car are "I do all my own work."

Repeat after me: It's "Freedom OF religion" not "Freedom FROM religion."


  1. Good posts, quite a few chuckles. Last one? Dead ON!

    1. Juvat, Thanks. Unfortunately, that last one is unlikely to ever happen willingly.


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