Monday, August 10, 2015

500 Posts

I wish I had something profound to share for this, my 500TH, post, but I am flat, dead broke in the content department at this moment. I would love to share something insightful about the GOP debates...didn't watch...haven't had time to read about it. I would love to share an update on the baby nothing new to share. Aliens landing in the front yard...not this week.

So, in lieu of real content, I feel compelled to share humorous (to me) photos and memes that I have been using for a little levity in the office. Enjoy

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dream a Big Dream

Mommy and daddy dreamed a big dream;
It grew in their hearts with a sparkle and gleam.
A little child to have and squeeze; 
nothing more would so greatly please.
God saw their dream like fire on the open sea;
He heard them cry out in prayer with an earnest plea.

And so God made you for us.

He made you sweet and gentle and kind;
He made you strong in body and mind.
He watched and protected as you grew in the womb,
Until time came for you in birth to bloom.
Early you came into the world full of light;
For mommy and daddy, the timing couldn't have been more right.

And so God brought you to us.

So tiny and frail to us you came,
and our love for you burst out like a roaring flame.
You grew and you thrived
as we struggled and we strived.
We pleaded and we prayed
and our love for you never strayed.

And so God made us family.

Together forever we are with each other,
With hugs and kisses we hold tight and smother.
God blessed us all far beyond measure,
Nothing of gold or silver more would we treasure.
Except maybe a little baby sister or brother,
A special little someone in need of a father and mother.

And so Mommy and Daddy dreamed a big dream....

Dedicated to my wonderful wife, The Queen, who dared to dream a beautiful dream and had the faith to see it come to life, and to our big dream made real, M&M.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Welcome New Follower

I'm finally getting around to writing a proper welcome for follower #74: Ariel from the blog Ricky el Vikingo (Ricky the Viking according to Google Translate...go figure). I have no idea what Ariel's blog is about as the blog is in Spanish and I'm not. I can tell you that you don't have to scroll down too far before getting to an ad (or post...I couldn't tell) for hot erotic massage music. That is where I stopped my reading and exited stage right.

So, Ariel, welcome. Feel free to say "hi" once in a while.

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Baby Bleg Update

I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on the results of your efforts in response to my last post. I just got a call from The Queen advising me that Cousin L texted The Queen to let us know that the bio donors will NOT be allowed to take baby sister home after all. 

Apparently, female donor's psych meds are such that she is not fit to supervise herself much less an infant alone during the day. Male donor is allegedly only available to supervise during the evening. There are no other family members in the area, and the female bio's mom wouldn't qualify even if she came down from the northwest due to HER health issues. 

But wait...there's more. 

The Queen just called again. Cousin L (at our suggestion) called the CPS caseworker that handled M&M's case. Case worker reached out to the investigator and confirmed that Baby Sister WILL definitely be placed with Big Sister M&M IF she is taken from the bios by CPS.

And before I could even hit publish, I get a text from The Queen that baby is going to a member of the church the bios attend. Grrrrrr!!!!!

Stay tuned. Things are changing by the minute.