Monday, August 10, 2015

500 Posts

I wish I had something profound to share for this, my 500TH, post, but I am flat, dead broke in the content department at this moment. I would love to share something insightful about the GOP debates...didn't watch...haven't had time to read about it. I would love to share an update on the baby nothing new to share. Aliens landing in the front yard...not this week.

So, in lieu of real content, I feel compelled to share humorous (to me) photos and memes that I have been using for a little levity in the office. Enjoy


  1. The "Whatever Floats your Goat" is going to be my team's screen saver tomorrow. EPIC. Congratulations.

    1. Brigid, cool. Knowing than I ever cared to know about goats thanks to my brother in law, that gets even funnier when you think of all the trouble they went to to get the goat into the float.


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