Sunday, December 17, 2023

Gun Lust

 As many of you regular followers are aware, I am a fan of fine firearms. My tastes generally run towards blued steel and wood stocks, but I'm not opposed to other materials. If it goes bang and doesn't say Highpoint on the side, I'm probably interested. I also appreciate a custom firearm as much as the next person; however, one person's "chef's kiss" is another person's "dog's breakfast". 

One custom touch that leaves me very hit or miss is engraving. Done right, engraving turns a nice gun into a masterpiece work of art. Done wrong, and....well, I suppose you can grind it off and refinish the gun. 

So, it is unusual for me to come across a custom, engraved firearm that makes me stop and drool. Such, is the case of the examples below. Our first object of desire is a not so humble Ruger SP101 3 inch .357 Magnum. This example was spotted recently in the Defensive Revolvers group on the Book of Feces. The owner called it his tuxedo gun, and there was a bit of a debate in the comments as to whether it qualified as a Texas BBQ Gun. As a lifelong Texan, I would have no qualms about carrying this Ruger to a BBQ. 

Our second contestant is an example of work completed by JMN Engraving (also found via the Book of Farces). This is the slide off of a Viking themed 1911. My Swedish ancestry is complaining loudly that I need one of these. I have to go figure out how to tell The Queen I need to spend several thousand dollars on guns and engraving. Y'all take care.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday Funnies

You don't have to be a cat lover like The Queen and I to agree that this one interesting looking cat.

Until they are in the litter box.

That's just cold right there. 

I spotted this add on FaceBook marketplace. Whoever this is has a future in marketing or technical writing.

No hate intended to my jarhead friends. I go to church with a guy who is a retired Marine Air colonel (F/A-18 and C130 driver) who says the purple crayons taste like grapes. 

I don't know who this person is, but if I ever need appendages welded to a snowman he/she will be my first call.

Mimi and I have a now running joke about her Honey Do list: "It should just be a five minute job."

I'm at that point in life that none of the modern stuff appeals to me at all. If it was made after I graduated high school, it's probably smarter than me and too new for me to figure out how to operate. I had the same problem trying to transition from a steam gauge Cessna 172 to a glass panel 172. You needed a couple of hours of ground school just to figure out how to turn everything on.