Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Silliness


This is on my bucket list to fly if I ever get the chance. I've had a crush on the Killer Egg ever since seeing Magnum PI as a kid. 

This is funny to me simply because it allows me to continue giving a friend at church grief over causing a splash at a church function. Our minister is still shaking his head over that incident. know...crowd control...

Actually, I prefer medium rare, but this made me giggle. Dated a girl whose steak order was "knock the horns off, wipe its ass and smack it on the butt so it runs by the fire. Smack it hard so it runs fast."

If you don't get this one, we probably won't be speaking the same language when we meet.

Allegedly, this was the description given by the poor unfortunate soakee at the church function.

Speaking as someone with history as part of a double major whose methodology professor was an old Jesuit priest with a very jaded world view, I can say with some authority that most history is (at best) skewed. 

Little known fact: there are no statutorily mandated speed limits in the state of Texas. Posted speed limit signs are considered the "presumptive legal speed" which is a rebuttable presumption in court. 

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Winter Wonderland

 Earlier in the month, we had another blast of arctic weather blow through for a few days that dumped a bit of snow and mostly ice/freezing rain on the area. That led to some "challenging" excursions as the weather hit us right before we were due for our normal grocery run. Overall, the truck handled the icy road conditions without much fuss. Then again, I'm not your garden variety idiot driver either.

Those icicles are leaning forward towards the front of the truck. I would have expected the wind to blow them backwards.

That whole thing came off in one piece once temps got above freezing. I was tempted to keep it in the freezer, but we don't have enough room to preserve it.

The one casualty from the weather.  Need a better insulation solution for the water filter.