Monday, July 31, 2023

M&M's Monday Meme Madness

Today's collection of memes is brought to you by M&M. She has developed a keen sense of humor and has been bombarding me with snake and horse memes....because she wants a horse and a snake. Enjoy.


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Sunday Funnies - The "Where The Hell Has He Been We're Dying Here?" Edition

 Greetings friends. My apologies for the long drought of humor. M&M's summer camp was the last week of June and first week of July. In east Texas. Yes, it was every bit as hot and humid as that sounds. The Queen and I volunteer for the camp. She has gotten Basketball/Volleyball two years in a row. Due to my work requirements, I was kitchen staff last year and "Dining Hall Monitor" this year. 

Let me elaborate on that for a moment. My job was to pick a random camper or staff member to ask God's Blessing on the meal, make sure the assigned campers assisted with clean up, sweep the floors and wipe down the tables between meals. Simple right? Do you know how big a mess 200 campers and staff of all ages can make in the course of an hour? I know some of them are raised in and around barns, but I'm reasonable sure bears might be involved as well. 

I had to remind several young men to go find their shirts before coming into the dining hall. 

Me: Where's your shirt?

Camper: We just got finished with waterskiing.

Me: That's cool. Where's your shirt?

Camper: Down by the dock.

Me: Go get it.

Camper: But, but, but

Me: Go get it. Food will still be here when you get back. 

I tried to make the best of it and have a bit of fun. Like soliciting suggestions from the young lady campers which young man they wanted to through under the bus for asking the blessing, having a "who's better looking vote?" between two brothers who are Irish twins and nearly indistinguishable in appearance, table cleaning races, etc.

After we got back, we had the inevitable recovery period to get reacquainted with normal life. Hopefully, your regularly scheduled irregular content will resume now. 

I don't see the point with this one. Dr Pepper (aka Texas Coffee) and vanilla ice cream is easy to put in a bowl or a glass. Having it "pre-made" seems to be for the REALLY lazy out there. 

"It's good to be the King"

M&M is closing in on 12, and she is already getting the attention of a certain boy at camp. 

This will be My Sister...The Devil in 10 years.