Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Day

Despite the fact that we all lost an hour to daylight savings this morning and the fact that I slept like a tweaker on a double dose of meth last night, I am really excited about today.

At 10:00 AM, I am meeting number 1 follower, best man and best friend (aside from The Queen) at the gun show for some well deserved drooling and hopefully good deal hunting. For those of you who are just dying to gift me with one of the firearms on my midlife crisis list, it's not too late. You can meet us at the gun show in Ft. Worth. I'll be dressed in blue jeans, a blue, long sleeved pull over shirt, and a black Margaritaville baseball cap. If all goes well, I'll be trading a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44mag (4" barrel) for one or two of the guns on the list.

After the gun show and a quick bit of lunch, it's off to mom's place (50 +/- acres of rolling hills and meadows) to meet up with more family and friends to slay large amounts of paper, plywood and other targets of opportunity. I spent an hour or so last night building some portable target holders to replace the severely dilapidated range we built several years ago down at mom's. Let's just say that it's probably not the best place for a progressive/liberal anti-gun advocate to show up today.

Photos to follow sometime this week unless someone shoots the camera.


  1. Ya know, with the hearing protection and background "thunder", who would hear them if they DID show up. What better time?

  2. Earl, that's a very good point. However, it's not that anyone would hear's that someone might see them and mistake them for a flimsy, paper target. I'm just really not interested in a digging a grave today for someone stupid enough to try and get between me and the enjoyment of my second amendment rights.

  3. Gun powder therapy. I need me some. Just bought some more ammo; can't wait to burn it up. Be sure to post us some gun porn after your great day today.


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