Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Returning The Favor - Part 3

Well, my faithful readers, I am happy to report that yesterday's post succeeded in baiting the GunDiva into opening her prize. I told you I was good at this didn't I? You can read her initial reaction in the comments on yesterday's post.

You've got to love it when a plan comes together.

Alright, alright, alright already. I've tormented you all long enough. Maybe. It's not like the surprise is going to be anything earth shattering. Especially for those of you who weren't on the receiving end. In fact, most of you will probably roll your eyes and say "That's it?"

Drum roll, please (Visualize Ed McMahon handing the white envelope to The Amazing Carnak)...

The surprise was that I sent TWO books to GunDiva instead of just one.


(cricket, cricket)

See, I told you it would be a let down. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Seriously though, there's two reasons why I went ahead and sent two books. One: That's just the kind of guy I am. I like to exceed expectations. I like to give a little extra when I can. I like to make someone's day with something completely unexpected (or a moment of shear terror if you're my mother in law). Two: I just couldn't decide on just one book to send.

GunDiva had (finally) revealed to me that she has never read science fiction and just started reading fantasy not too long ago. As a result, it was fertile ground for me to make some introductions to her reading repertoire. Since she introduced me to her favorite author who happens to write action/smut books (okay, okay...she called it a romance novel), I figured I should introduce her to a couple of my faves in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

The first book I sent was GunDiva's introduction to the SciFi genre.

If you are interested in reading the teaser summary, click on this link which will take you to Modesitt's website. I sent her this one as it was the first book of Modesitt's that I read and one that I've reread several times. It was written in 1997. If you decide to read the book, you will notice that the "bad guys" bear a striking resemblance to Mormons (Modesitt lives in Utah). However, personally, I think the book is more of an allegorical commentary on the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the wake of Gulf War 1. Whether or not that is true, it is, at least to me, a fascinating book about faith, fanaticism, the nature of war and responsibility.

Modesitt has been one of my favorite SciFi authors since reading The Parafaith war. I've now read almost all of his SciFi novels (there are a couple that I haven't been able to find), and one of these days I'm going to have to start reading his fantasy books as well.

Next up is my favorite satirical author who happens to write in the fantasy genre, Terry Pratchett. Pratchett is a Brit whose Discworld novels are addictive. you start reading Discworld, it is hard to stop. I have sent GunDiva the novel Night Watch which is one of my favorite Discworld novels. Again, if you'd like to read the teaser, click the link.

Pratchett's characters of phenomenal characters in every sense of the word, and I love his advice to authors which was basically (I'm paraphrasing here) be careful about the small characters you create as you may be writing about them for a long time to come. That comment was specifically in reference to a minor character called "The Death of Rats" which first appeared in the novel Reaper Man.

I sincerely hope GunDiva enjoys these two books as much as I do; however, I understand that not everyone's tastes are the same. I look forward to hearing her unbiased reviews once she has a chance to wade through them.


  1. Have I told you I married a Jack Mormon? I think I know which book I'll start with ;)

  2. I don't recall you mentioning religious affiliation for yourself or RCC; and, pardon my ignorance, but what is a Jack Mormon?


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