Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If This Keeps Up...

To borrow a line from Laurel & Hardy, "Well, that's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" 

It would seem that Monda at Easy Street Prompts is bound and determined to make think I actually know what I'm doing. It seems that she choose my little diatribe about zombie guns as a winner for August's edition of the Block Party. She even said "Bless his heart for providing this service, because there are scads of unprepared folks out there." That would make me want to blush if it weren't for the fact that I was raised in the south and know that it means she's questioning my sanity.

Regardless, this makes for three selections in three attempts. I have to assume that Monda is either really hard up for submissions, or my writing might actually be somewhat coherent. I'll leave that to others to decide. 

As per the rules, I am required to post a link to the block party submission form. Done.Y'all go check out the other selectees. I;m sure they worked just as hard on their stuff as I did on mine and would appreciate a little love.


  1. You did provide quite a service for the woefully unprepared - and you wrote about it well.

    Congrats on your block party selection :)

    I might enter something this month - it's been a while.

  2. congrats, I guess you could loosley term yourself as published???? LOL

  3. GunDiva, thanks. You really should post something again.

    Mr. Daddy, yes. Loosely...very loosely. You could even say that I am an award winning published author. Now, if I could just get a royalty check...I'd be a highly paid, award winning, published author.

  4. Maybe...maybe...I'll have to think on it. Because, you know, I'd like to be loosely termed an award winning published author.


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