Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kitten Fight

Kitten Fight is an exciting new game based on the perennially favorite game wildly popular with all ages, Snowball Fight. Kitten Fight was invited here in the Lonestar State by bored rednecks who were sadly unable to engage in the traditional pastime of Snowball Fighting due to the obvious lack of snow. Not ones to be thwarted by a lack of frozen precipitation, ingenious rednecks burdened with an over abundance of small, fluffy white kittens noted the striking similarity between the infantile felines and the traditional orb shaped, snowy projectiles and a fun filled afternoon in 100+ degree heat ensued. 

It should be noted that proper precautions should be taken by those participating in Kitten Fights. Proper attire is essential as you do not want your Sunday best to be ruined by blood (yours...those little claws are sharp) or poo (theirs...a flying kitten can be stricken with fright induced diarrhea).

If you haven't guessed already, this is total satire. No kittens were harmed in the making of this post. In fact, the little fluff ball attached to my chest had just decided that the little pocket created by my 12 pack abs, sternum and moobs made for the perfect kitten recliner. He zonked out for a couple of minutes before deciding he was needed elsewhere.


  1. Awww... splattered white kitty...

    Does said kitty have a name?

  2. GunDiva, kitten belongs to my niece Juju. The fuzz ball reportedly has a name which I can neither spell nor pronounce (I suspect it would bring about the apocalypse if I were to actually succeed in saying it outloud). Her older brother calls him Mr. Mousekers which I think is really cute. We shall see what name sticks although it's not like it's very likely that the cat will actually answer to anything but a can opener.

  3. KITTTEN! :D
    I love kittens! (And cats.)
    My brother used to play a similar game with our cat when she was a kitten, except he used to pretend she was a pokemon in a pokeball. He'd pick her up, call out "Ball of fur, fly!" and toss her onto the bed. She actually got quite used to it.
    Btw, my new kitten (my cat's granddaughter) is called Mojo.

  4. Jasmine, welcome. The Queen and I are major cat lovers as well. We don't let them go flying however. Mojo is a cool name for a kitten. I had a cat named Sneaker once. He was my best buddy.


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