Thursday, October 6, 2011

Half Way To The End of The Beginning

As of tonight, I am half way through my first semester of law school. Here are some thoughts and observations so far.
  1. I came across a news article posted on the wall in a hallway on campus discussing last year’s graduating class. According to the article, Texas Wesleyan graduated 68 law students last year. I don’t know how many people started with that class of graduates, but I do know my class started out with 225. If the enrollment rates have been consistent for the last several years which is likely, that translates to approximately a 70% attrition rate over the life of the program which is somewhat sobering to put it mildly. That figure doesn’t take into account how many either fail the bar exam or don’t even bother to take it. Why you would go all the way through law school and not take the bar exam is a mystery to me, but I know it happens.
  2. There are two students with the first name “Babak”. For all I know that may be their ethnic version of “Bob” or “Jim”. Still, in Texas, that strikes me as an interesting coincidence.
  3. I made a “B” on my first Legal Analysis, Research & Writing class memo. Considering the fact that I rushed it after having a major brain failure by erroneously thinking that I had an extra day to complete it leaving no time for proof reading or revision, I consider that a win.
  4. The final memo is due Tuesday. I will be sweating bullets this weekend while chained to my laptop cranking out what I hope will be “A+” material.
  5. If my vision survives all the reading, I will be surprised.
  6. Practice exams are at the end of October in the Torts and Criminal law classes which will give us about a month before the real thing to have a pant wetting, hysterical, nervous breakdown. One test = 100% of your grade plus or minus 15% at the professor’s discretion based on class participation. No pressure.
  7. I’ve been assured by several of my attorney business associates that it gets easier after this semester.
  8. I really think they are just saying that to make me feel better.
  9. I feel pretty confident that I have a reasonably good grasp on the concepts I need to know for my classes so far. At least, I haven’t had a “what the hell are you talking about” moment yet.
  10. I could be completely delusional on that last point.
  11. I had forgotten how much I hate commuting after working from home for several years now. I’ve been getting unpleasant reminders of why I hate commuting like freeways being shut down for construction at 10:00 at night which prevents me from getting home when I am already deliriously tired, hungry and need to study. Then there are the rush hour accidents that slow traffic to a crawl and make me late for class to the displeasure of my professor. Stupid gawkers.
  12. You know you are wore out when sitting in a bell tower with high powered rifle starts to make perfect sense AND other students agree with you. 
  13. Then you realize that you don't have time to consider acting on number 12. because your memo is due next Tuesday.
  14. The Queen remains very supportive and loving. She is a saint.
More updates as events warrant.


  1. North and Brigid, thanks. The celebrating will begin sometime in December after final grades are released.

  2. i agree with Matt - i think you will do fine as well! i really enjoyed your observations - pretty sarcastic and funny!

    hail to the Queen - she is awesome!

    good luck and keep studying - you'll be so happy when it's all over!

    your friend,

  3. kymber, thank you. I am nothing if not sarcastic and jaded. My goal is to one day be able to channel the literary spirits of H.L. Mencken and Mark Twain into my writing.

    As to being happy when it's all over, I sure hope so. Right now, my definition of happiness is probably a little skewed.

  4. You're doing great. Who needs sleep, anyway?

  5. GunDiva, sleep is overrated. You can sleep all you like when you're dead.

    Guffaw, that remains to be seen, but thanks anyways.

  6. Random responses:

    3. I put a ton of effort on my first legal writing analysis and got a C. So, hat's off to you!

    5. Me, too! It probably took me four years after law school to begin reading for pleasure again.

    7. Yes it does get easier.

    8. We absolutely are. Actually, once you get into the second year, you pick up steam. By the last year, you're just making hash marks on the wall trying to get out.

    14. That's your most important support group!

    Good for you on the progress!

    Lawyer with a Gun

  7. Lawyer, thanks for the encouragement.


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