Friday, April 27, 2012

Overheard at the Dinner Table - Act 2

So, I thought I would quickly share this little vignet from about a week ago. The Queen, M&M and I went out to dinner with Mimi, my sister...the devil and her two spawn, Twig (the eldest niece who seems to feel that fruits and vegetables are all that is necessary to sustain life) and I DO IT! (Twig's younger, evil genius sister).

On the table was one of those foam rubber stress balls with some logo or other on it. It happened to be blue.

Me: That's interesting. Where'd that come from?

My Sister...The Devil: Work (MS...TD is an occupational therapist). You can keep it if you want.

Me: No thanks. I don't need my sister giving me blue balls.

The Queen, Mimi, and the devil's children: [turning bright red and attempting not to spew drinks and appetizers]

Later in the meal, I picked up the ball and handed it to Twig.

Me: Here. Give that to your boyfriend.

Twig: No thanks. I'm pretty sure he already has blue balls.

Everyone at the table: [turning bright red and attempting not to spew drinks and dinner remnants]

Me: Okay, then.


  1. Replies
    1. Candance, congrats on getting married. Hope you have a wonderful marriage to NJ.

  2. Replies
    1. Stephen, yes. It was truly one of those kids say the darnedest things moments.

  3. bahahahahahah! oh kids say the derndest things eh?

    your friend,

  4. On a totally unrelated subject, your profile pic looks a lot like my kitty, Popoki. Doesn't that make you feel spaishull?

    1. Auntie J, yes, I do feel special. Her name was Kasha, and she and I were very bonded. She disappeared on night a few years ago when she was 12 or 13. We suspect the neighborhood bobcat got her, but we hope she just decided to find her own place to pass away peacefully.

  5. I would have paid good money to have seen that live! heheheh. Glad you and the family are getting out and abuot.

    1. Brigid, front row seats are not cheap and generally sell out quickly, but we can come to an arrangement on a season ticket package.


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