Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Random Thoughts This Morning

Good morning. Much has transpired since last we spoke. I am nursing a mild/moderate sunburn after the weekend's activities. The Queen had her first official Mother's Day. Her initial request was for a weekend of camping and fishing. Efforts to make that happen were thwarted by a quagmire of complications. We were successful in getting out on a lake for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon using a Hobie Mirage Series Oasis kayak, and The Queen caught the one fish for the day.

Red head in a red boat
He was a cute fish. Small, but feisty. We tossed him back.

The kayak was a hoot to fish from. I may just have to write a review of it for The Toy Box. The Queen wants one. Daddy Hawk wants one too. Maybe two. They are that cool. They are also that expensive.

It's been a while since I have dabbled in the world of politics here. I've seen a lot of stuff on Facebook and blog ready calling for the impeachment of President Obama. I understand the sentiment. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening. While the Republican majority in the House could presumably bring articles of impeachment to the floor for debate and even potentially pass them on to the Senate for trial, the likelihood of the Democrat controlled Senate reaching a 2/3 majority to convict the first black president of "high crimes and misdemeanors" approaches "nuthin' divided by nuthin' carrying the nuthin' is still nuthin'".

Kermit Gosnell (I will no longer apply the honorarium of Doctor to him) has been convicted of murdering his patients while committing unspeakable acts of evil. While he is, in theory, facing the death penalty for his crimes, I am not optimistic that such a verdict will be entered in this case. Even if they did, he would die of old age before his appeals were exhausted. I am glad that he was convicted. That restores some small amount of faith in the legal system that has been chipped away from me in my cynicism borne of experience. I do feel that it is a shame that our system does not allow the convicted to be executed in the same manner in which their crimes were committed. Cruel and unusual is in the eye of the beholder. Kermit obviously thought there was nothing cruel and unusual about what he did to those babies. So, I fail to see the problem with doing the same to him.

I do echo the sentiment that, if Benghazi was no big deal "that was a long time ago" and "what difference does it make?", then let's ship Hillary's daughter Chelsea over there as ambassador and see just how big a deal it really is. How about it Hillary? Any takers? Yeah...I didn't think so either.

Oh...and Hillary...you can forget about 2016 because we won't.

Let's see here...what else do we have to discuss? The IRS scandal? I'm not going near that one. I've had my run in with them, and I'm not anxious for another.

Wiretapping the Associated Press...now THAT's rich. Talking about biting the hand that carries your water. Good job, Mr. President. I thought there was nothing that you could do to piss off the liberal media, but you sir are an over achiever.

That's it for now. I must go do something productive for the good of the cause.

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