Thursday, June 12, 2014

People Are Nasty

I have made an observation about people in general that will come as no surprise to some (probably most) of you.

People are nasty (hence...the title of this post).

Case on point.

Y'all remember the photos of the piles (nee pile) of garbage on the curb that I posted the other day, right? Well, since the garbage company would not pick up Pile o' Crap 1.0 on our regular trash day last Thursday thus leading to me spending a fun filled Thursday night creating Piles o' Crap 2.0 (bagged trash), 3.0 (flattened cardboard), 4.0 (flattened cardboard), 5.0 (bagged trash), and 6.0 (recyclable items).

Well, between Thursday and our next regularly scheduled trash day on Monday, it looked like a pack of lions and tigers and bears oh my had rummaged through my once neatly organized dump.

As you will recall, this was all garbage that had been defiled by rodents. Visibly and unmistakably ruined with filth that would probably gag a maggot.

Grandma's old hard side Samsonite luggage? Gone.

Old coffee/espresso maker? Bye bye.

Whole bags of rodent ruined clothing? Outta there.

People would tear open the garbage bags to see if there was anything they wanted to take and then left it there to be strewn around the neighborhood. I had half a mind to sit in the picture window with my shotgun, but it wasn't worth it.

Fortunately, the garbage company took it all (at least what was left) away on Monday.


  1. Sigh. They are. JW and I saw the same thing two weeks ago when we moved. People were fighting over a coffee table, digging through every bit of trash on the curb, including dirty cat litter. One gentleman digging through the garbage was kind enough to say "Yo, you wanna buy a puppy", in reference to the dog he had tucked under his arm. Several times I looked at my husband in confusion, because it was all garbage.

    1. GG, I don't mind them digging through the trash as long as they leave it the way they found it. The cat litter thing though...shudder.

  2. I don't know about nasty. Maybe they are poor. I have found many useful items in the trash and I was not to proud to take them and use them. Perhaps instead of passing judgment you should give thanks you have never had to look in the trash for things. Are you familiar with the biblical principle of "gleaning the fields". Look it up! The poor are entitled to what's left after a harvest. How is this any different?

    1. Rat, I understand poor and finding useful items in the trash; and, yes, I am thankful everyday for the blessings I have. I am well aware of the biblical principle of gleaning; and the differences, as I see it, are that gleanings were good, ripe, unspoiled food and also respect for someone else's property. Property owners were instructed by God's Law to not harvest the edge's of their fields so that the poor could glean from them good food...not rotten scraps thrown on the rubbish heap. Also, I dare say that the poor in ancient Israel didn't strew garbage all over the field as they were gleaning heads of grain. As I said in my response to GG, I have no problem with dumpster diving as long as you leave the premises the way you found it. These people were not.

    2. perhaps they would be neater if they weren't afraid someone was going to run outside with a shotgun or call the cops. Sorry the poor people made a mess in your pristine environment.


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