Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Funnies

Sorry for dropping the ball the last couple of weeks. Valid reasons...just not in a position to talk about them yet. Hopefully, these offerings make up for lost time.

If you didn't say "We are the knights who say "Nie!" when you saw this, I fart in your general direction.

What they don't show you is the crow with a Glock because no self respecting bird brings a knife to a gun fight.

Why couldn't have turned water into bourbon?

Who knew cats were Catholic?

Finally, a Lego kit I can do

This explains a lot


Make them beg for mercy.



Momma Fargo, did you just step out for donuts or what?

I need this for the office. 

Unless you are my dog...Numbnutt

Maybe it should have said "ILLSUE"

Apparently, the suicide bomber's detonator didn't work. 

Three licks is all it takes.

Graphitti level: Expert

This kid is hard to please.

Yep, and you have to drink your nice Chianti through a crazy straw.

This would have been more epic if there was an outline of a phone on the side of the face. 

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