Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Funnies

We deal with a lot of dog bite claims where I work. I made this meme to add a little humor to the end of a regular roundtable meeting agenda.

I'm thinking someone failed their driving test.

Which is why I spend a small portion of my days thinking up dog bite memes for work.

I wonder if this would work with Golden Retrievers...only you sell the stuff they bring back.

Yep. I demand guns. Lots and lots of guns. Have you seen my wish list lately? Speaking of which, i need to update it again.

Han shot first.

Load me up, light the fuse and run baby.


  1. Thanks, I needed a chuckle today, Speaking of which, we didn't put out our Elf on a Shelf until a few days ago, and told the kids that he must have been hidden really good since he won't move until he is found. Tomorrow, he hides with the cleaning products!

    1. K, were The Queen and I inclined to do the whole Elf thing, it would probably be more likely to involve tannerite instead of shelves or cabinets.


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